7 Best Bike Helmets Under $50- Ride Safe & Smart(Editor’s Pick)

Riding bikes bring much pleasure to our heart! But the journey might not be safe if you don’t wear things like gloves, helmet, sunglasses, shoes and knee pads. Basically, among these safety equipments the helmet is the most important stuff to stay safe from head injury. You can’t imagine a long distance ride or ride through the bumpy or any challenging track without wearing a helmet. The strong shell with the internal foamed padding can simply secure a rider during a crash. With the secured strap and soft liners in the shell you can comfortably adjust the helmet and nowadays the manufacturer keeps the design aerodynamic to reduce the resistance.


The vents with aerodynamic design hold a perfect airflow into the head to literally keep you cool and help you to perform better than you expect. Aside from having enough vents, you can simply adjust a visor to reduce the glare over your vision and keep you safe from the insects or any sudden hits of the gravel.


To be honest, while we have researched we saw in most cases the helmets hold a high price tag which might not be an option for amateur riders. So, we had to find the most affordable options which can be simply afforded by an amateur rider and finally we have met almost 7 bike helmets under $50 price tag. They are popular and almost chosen by thousands of riders. So, reasonably we can also depend on them to make our journey safe and enjoyable.


How To Pick The Right Helmet



Literally, there is no benefit of wearing a helmet if it doesn’t adjust properly with your head. Just imagine you have accidentally fallen off from your bike and at the same time you have lost your helmet. So, if it happens in truth you might not be able to save your head from an injury and it would cost a lot for your life. That’s why you will have to measure your head circumference and you can use a tape to simply measure the largest portion of your head or one inch above your eyebrows. After getting an idea above the size make sure it has the adjustable chin strap and the strap at the back to perfectly adjust the helmet from different angles.



The vents are much more important in a helmet which can keep your head cool with holding enough air flows at all corners of the helmet. With an aerodynamic design the shell will reduce resistance, but hold the airflows you need to enhance your performance. Though, every helmet won’t be aerodynamic and the ones that are designed for versatile activities would be a little bit different. Though, mostly every shell would be designed with enough holes to deal with the air flows.


Shock Absorption

It might never be safe for your head when the shell gets impacts and you receive all the negative hits directly into your head. A strong shell will protect you during a crash, but if you still get the hits right into your head, it won’t be ever comfortable for you. Sometimes the helmet uses a liner which helps the shell to move a little bit without pulling your head. With this certain technology, a proper padding can do a great trick to reduce the negatives of impact.


Best Bike Helmets Under $50 For A Safe Ride- Our Selections


1)TeamObsidian Airflow

TeamObsidian Airflow

Every cyclist would like to have a greater connection of the  air in their head which would help him/her to ride more paths with the full of comfort. So if you are such a cyclist who would like to have huge vents into the helmets, then the TeamObsidian Airflow should be a good pick to enjoy the ride. Because it comes with 22 vents with the foamed padding inside to keep the contact point comfortable. The manufacturer added a shock absorption technology which ensures like it might not have minimal negative impact over your head. The sturdy shell is reinforced to beat the abuses and add more safety while the hull is lightweight and firmly remains in the head.


The removable visor will let the user connect it necessarily to ride through the sunny day and a dial fit right at the back would work for a tighter and a snugger fit. It has also a cushioned chin strap to easily make the adjustment and it will certainly put less impact over your chin. It comes with two years warranty and the ladies can use it without concern.

What We Like:

  • Huge vents ensure a great air circulation across the head and the foamed paddings keep the contact simple and relaxed.
  • Shock absorption technology reduces the negative impacts of the vibration while you ride through the bumpy roads.
  • Sturdy and reinforced shell to handle the abuses and enhance protection.
  • A removable visor to reduce the impact of sun rays.
  • A dial fit in the back for a snug fit.


2)Schwinn Thrasher

Schwinn Thrasher

The Schwinn Thrasher is probably a great option for the amature riders especially who look for cheap, but quality stuff. The shell comes with decent vents for the maximum air circulation and this would save the user from being unexpectedly sweated. The foam paddings throughout the shell would make a comfortable contact with your head while it can absorb the unwanted shocks. On the other hand, the lightweight microshell design weighs minimally to not to weigh you down. The full shell coverage would also make it safer and the vents in all corners won’t complicate the air circulation.


It has also a dial fit strap at the back to ultimately adjust it with your head and avoid the wobble adjustment. A chin strap with dial fit knob is also great for a custom and snug fit. It can be available with a bunch of colors and the price tag would be affordable for the users.

What We Like:

  • Huge vents with paddings at must needed points to absorb the shock and enhance comfort.
  • Lots of air circulation in your head would eliminate sweating.
  • Full coverage makes it more secure while the lightweight shell won’t weigh you down.
  • Chin strap and dial fit strap at the back for wobble free adjustment.
  • Might be available with a bunch of colors.


3)Zacro Adult

Zacro Adult

No doubt this is a popular bike helmet the rider uses to stay safe during paddling. The tough and durable hull is made from PVC and PC material and the ultimate goal of it is safely protecting your head from any impact. The manufacturer has set up the EPS foam at all must needed points which would absorb the shocks and keep the inside comfortable for you. It includes the must needed vents to provide the cool air and prevent sweating. These vents keep entering the air when you keep paddling and you will ride without any unusual problem. It offers a removable visor which can be adjusted when you need to ride against the sun.


It only weighs 225gm which can be considered as lighter and you can find an additional dial right at the back of the helmet. This would let the riders avoid the wobble adjustment while another conventional dial will help the user snugly fit it in the head.

What We Like: 

  • PVC and PC material make a tough hull that won’t easily crack when it gets any impact.
  • EPS foam at the must needed points will eliminate the impact of shocks.
  • Adequate vents and aerodynamic design for a perfect airflow through the head.
  • A removable visor to use through the high sunlight.
  • Two dials for a snugger adjustment.


4)JBM Adult Cycling

JBM Adult Cycling

It’s an aerodynamic design based helmet with the vents to allow the air go through the helmet which helps any rider to stay cool during paddling. The breathable materials inside the helmet also add a huge comfortability and the paddings have the ability to absorb the shocks. The EPS foam as a padding is necessarily soft to protect your head during a crash. The hull is also molded from PVC and PC material to make it nearly impact resistant. Basically, because of the combination of paddings and perfect hull the shocks won’t be able to negatively impact your head.


The dial at the back with padding can keep the contact more relaxable and it can absorb the sweat. It also comes with a visor which every rider requires to ride in a different condition. The easy use dial with side strap would also simply adjust it with your head without any minor chance of getting it fallen down during your ride.

What We Like:

  • Aerodynamic design and vents easily allow the air to keep the inside cool.
  • EPS foam to absorb the shock and keep your head safe from any impact.
  • Strong hull to beat any impact.
  • Padding with the dial at the back to to absorb the sweat and provide the feel you need.
  • Adjustable visor to ride in different conditions.


5)Retrospec CM-1

Retrospec CM-1

The Retrospec CM-1 is basically designed for multiple sporting activities like biking, skating and skiing. So, this could be an advantage to enjoy multiple sports with the safety you need while you don’t need different budgets for different helmets. It has 10 vents for an optimal airflow and it can keep you cool and safe from sweating. The high quality EPS foam modestly supports your head and it decreases the impact of the shocks. The shell is molded from ABS that has high tensile strength and shock absorbance. So, if the shell unfortunately gets impacted it won’t easily crack and it will also absorb the shocks to minimize the negatives.


You will get two sets of interchangeable pads that will be helpful for a custom fit. Anyone who is aged more than fourteen would get a perfect size he/she needs for their sporting activities. A chin strap is attached to adjust with your head.

What We Like:

  • Great for different sporting activities and you don’t need different budgets for different helmets.
  • 10 vents for an optimal airflow and it would simply keep anyone cool.
  • Interchangeable pads for a custom fit.
  • ABS shell has shock absorbing power with high tensile strength.
  • EPS foam ensures more protection and comfort from shocks.
  • Anyone who is aged more than fourteen can find the right size he/she needs.


6)PHZ. Adult

PHZ. Adult

It can be different from other helmets for two different features which make the service of it more effective. First of all it features an insect net that you can set under the ventilation to prevent the insects getting in. It’s removable as if you can adjust or detach it. On the other hand, it features a rechargeable tail light that would greatly work for your visibility. You can charge it up by a USB charging cable and you can run it in normal, flash and slow flash mode. In normal mode it can last up to 5 hours and if you use the slow flash mode, it would last up to 45 hours. The scientifically arranged flow vents are designed to reduce resistance while the vents hold enough airflow to keep you cool.


The impact and wear resistant shell enhances safety and with the EPS foam it provides more security during a crash. Moreover, an adjustable regulator ensures the best adjustment to eliminate coming accidentally out off your head.

What We Like:

  • Scientifically designed to reduce resistance and enhance airflow in your head.
  • Adjustable insect net to prevent the insects getting in.
  • A taillight that is rechargeable and can last up to 45 hours.
  • Impact resistance shell is secured with EPS foam.
  • An adjustable regulator for a snug fit.


7)Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

It includes two thicker lines that are effective to customize the fit. So there is literally no chance of wobble fitting and you can adjust it as necessarily as you want. It also features sweatsaver pads to add more comfort and with EPS foam it would have a great shock absorbing power. These sweatsaver pads come installed and that’s why no installation is required after your purchase. It’s versatile and can be used for skateboarding, scooters, BMX and biking. The ABS shell is nearly impact resistant and that’s why there is more chance of keeping your head safe during a crash.


It is available in different sizes for different aged riders and the chin strap with side buckles will ensure a great protection if you need to ride in different conditions.

What We Like:

  • Pre installed pads ensure a great adjustment with your head.
  • ABS shell with EPS foam is able to eliminate the shocks and ensure a great comfort during the ride at the bumpy roads.
  • Thicker lines can be used to customize the fit.
  • Designed for skateboarding, scooters, BMX and biking.
  • Chin strap and side buckle for the perfect adjustment.