Best Road Bike Lights | Reviews

It actually doesn’t matter whether you ride the bike for commuting or long time riding. If you are an enthusiast to ride at night, you must attach a bike light to your bike. It’s not only able to illuminate your front path, but also it will make sure a clear visibility to the vehicles that likely comes from the front. But with attaching the front or head light if you attach a tail light, you can amazingly maximize your visibility even to the vehicles that come from the rear. If you ride at night, you can undoubtedly maximize the safeness by using a bike light. So before presenting you the five best road bike lights, firstly I will tell you something about how you can get the right bike light.



Every bike light has a fixed lumen while the number of lumen ensures how brightest the light will be in illuminating. The higher number of lumen means the light is able to produce more powerful brightness with the long length of focus. The modern lights mostly feature the option to maintain the light in the multiple number of lumens . It helps to use the light precisely as the rider needs on riding while it can amazingly increase the battery life.


Battery Life

You must ensure the light has a longer battery life as if you go for a long ride without getting the light in shutting down. Getting the light off at night would be a horrible moment for the rider, so as a rider you have to ensure the light is continuously on. You can precisely use the lumens to get a good battery life. But if you keep an additional battery during your ride,  it can give you a completely risk free journey. It’s not mandatory, but as a rider it can be my advice.


Mounting System

Finally make sure you can mount the light to the handlebar simply. That’s why the mounting system for the light should be fitted to the diameter of any handlebar. Although, most of the lights ensure this option for the convenience of users.


Five Best Road Bike Lights For The Night Time Riding Enthusiast

Here you may see our recommendations for the best road bike lights that are powerful and have a good battery life. The lights are also completely water resistant that means you shouldn’t have the fear if the light gets wet.



Blitzu Gator 320

Blitzu Gator 320 USB

Undoubtedly I can announce this is one of the popular bike light around there and it has gained an amazing response from the riders for affordability. This 320 lumen bike light is composed with cree LED to produce the shiny illuminations while it can create 300 foot length beam from the front light. The light comes with four different useful modes that are high, medium, low and flashing. It uses a rechargeable battery that can be charged by any USB port supported devices. If you continue the illumination at high mode, you can keep the illumination up to 2 hours and if you turn it into flashing mode you can continue it for 5 hours.It offers a hassle free installation and because of the water proof design you can use it on any tough condition.



Cycle Torch Shark 300

Cycle Torch Shark 300 Bicycle HeadLight

The Cycle Torch Shark 300 almost something like the Blitzu Gator 320 that is waterproof and has multiple lighting modes. The bike light is amazingly affordable and can be charged by any USB supported device. The four different lighting modes are very useful to use it by your need, especially the flashing beams. Mostly we like to ride with group and that’s why you may not need to keep the light on at high. You can keep yourself almost safe by activating the flat mode or flashing beam and because of this option the pedestrians will thank you for not to disturb them. It also features a sleek tail light that you can use to ensure your hundred percent visibility.



BV Bicycle Light Set

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight

This is a very cheap bike light and buy only when you can’t spend more than a few bucks. To use it on your bike you must use six AAA batteries, but it has a good beam length as a cheap bike light that can reach up to 30-40 feet. It uses three LEDS into the light  and you can active the light into three modes. The installation is easy with almost any conventional diameter of the handlebar. It also has a tail light to attach on the rear and because of the weather resistant feature it’s possible to use it on any condition. The light may be great for the riders who sometimes ride at night, but not good  who rides almost regular basis.



Vision II 860

Vision II 860 Lumen USB Bike Light

The Vision  II 860 is one of the powerful bike light in our list that is equipped with Cree XML U2 LED for an ultra brightness. This 860 lumen based head light can create 820 feet beam that amazingly illuminates the front path. It has a surprising battery life time that can active the light at high or 820 lumens for up to 1.5 hours. As usual to use the light conveniently they also ensured five lighting modes while the light also offers an additional spare battery to use as a back up. This weatherproof hand crafted light uses high grade aircraft aluminum alloy to ensure an amazing construction level. And you can mount the light with the handlebars that are within 40 mm in diameter.



Y. O. S. Bicycle Headlight 1480 Lumen

Y.O.S - SuperBright Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight

This exceptional bicycle headlight comes with the powerful crystal clear LEDs that have almost 100,000 hours lifetime.  You can surprisingly keep active the light up to 6 hours at high while in low light it can illuminate the path up to 10 hours. They use durable black aluminum to make the hull of the light while it can unchangeable if the light gets impact. These waterproof lights are amazingly sleek and can be mounted easily to the handlebar without your extra attempt. It contains 4 batteries with the package as if you can use the other batteries as additional or sometimes as spare. It also can be available approximately at an affordable cost.



So why you will get the journey at risk? A bike light not just a bike light, it also would a great safety accessory for your bike. A bicycle light may not cost the hundred bucks, so why would you ignore it for some bucks?. So get a light and make the cycling journey more reliable.