Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike Review

Nowadays the Critical Cycles have achieved the incredible responses for their amazing craftsmanship in fixie gear bikes. They have built lots of fixie bikes with some amazing design and styles that seem like a gift for the commuting enthusiasts. Even you would fall in love with the design they have brought to their every creation. And this Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Bike is such an example that I have discovered from all their creations. If you love to ride on neighborhood streets with an amazing style of commuting, then this Fixie Urban Road Bike from Critical Cycles should be placed in the area of your choice.

The hand crafted Single Speed Steel Track Frame is outfitted with a wide range of colors. That does mean you shouldn’t have any frustration for missing your favorite colors in their design. The bike has been manufactured with almost nine attractive colors and the way they brought the color combination between the rims and frame, undoubtedly every commuter can easily match the bike with their style. Even, with these great options of colors the multiple convenient sizes like 43cm, 49cm, 53cm, 57cm and 60cm also ensure it would properly suit with your exact height.


Specifications Of The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike

A fixie gear bike actually offers a freewheel riding style without any optimization of the gears. These fixie bikes mainly set up a flip flop hub on the rear that offers a freewheel style ride. Literally, there are commuters who expect and like more the fixed gear bike than the other gear optimized bikes. So if you have that kind of expectation, undoubtedly it’s a superior choice for you whilst the price is amazingly affordable.

Great As a Unisex Bike

Don’t feel worried about the perfection as it’s a unisex fixie bike and the men and women both can easily find the perfection in it. A great option for choosing the colors allow you to pick the bike with your style while the girls also shouldn’t be frustrated as it also comes with most loving colors by girls. The suggested colors for girls would be the Tan, Pink-Celeste, Celeste-Silver and Blue-Aqua. But if you also prefer the other conventional colors like Matte Black, Gray-Orange, White-Black and Black-Red, then don’t hesitate to go with your choice.

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike-pink

Double Walled Rims and Hand Crafted Frame For Durability

The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear bike is crafted with high quality and durable steel and the geometry of this Fixie Urban Road Bike is reliable for riding position. With a flat top tube and an excellent barspin clearance the bike allows you to commute with an authentic style. It also adds more durability by featuring the double walled rims that even the off road bike uses and that’s why the roughness wouldn’t affect your bike. The wanda 700c tires are also road bike specific that would provide all the needed support to commute with a peak comfortability.

Other Quality Components

The bike seems like a masterpiece in all affordable fixie bikes. The well go pedals with straps ensure an easy pedaling option with minimalist effort while the pro-max brakes also ensure an enough braking power for your commuting purpose.  Moreover, the kmc chain with a 3 piece crankset enforces that you will enjoy freewheel pedaling with a reliable style. The weight is also incredibly lighter as a steel frame based bike. The overall weight of the bike is only 25 pounds while the whole components of the bike are quality.



  • One of the best commuter at an affordable price.
  • Available with a wide range of colors.
  • The hand crafted frame is built out of quality steel materials.
  • Double walled rims can endure the roughness.
  • Flip flop hub for a freewheel ride.



  • I haven’t found any inferiority. But you may replace the tires if you want more quality.


Final Verdict

From the points of view I can say that the Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Bike is one of the affordable fixie bike for urban riders. This creation by Critical Cycles is offering a wide range of sizes and colors as if you don’t get frustrated to make your choice. Moreover, the components that are used to craft this Fixie Urban Road Bike, all are quality and perfectly optimized to enjoy a freewheel ride.