10 Best Commuter Bikes | Reviews and Guideline

Commuting is a passion, commuting is a fun and commuting is a source of work out. Many people appreciate the commuting as they can pass a very enjoyable time at the holiday through saying good by the boringness. Either you commute with a group or single, it ensures some fun with paddling around the neighborhood roads or sometimes on the far. The commuting lets you to refresh your mind with providing some health advantages for your body. Even if you are a little bit bored with indoor cycling, but want to continuously gain the same advantages through discovering the amazing outdoors, then the regular commuting would be my recommendation.

So you have decided to be a regular or amateur commuter but don’t know which bike you should get to start, then this article can help you. To give you a greater solution for getting the right bike I had researched numerously to discover what are the best commuter bikes around there. And finally I have been able to show you the ten examples of them. So let’s take a look at the chart.


10 Best Commuter Bikes For The Commuting Enthusiasts


Why These Bikes Are Great For Commuting?

There are some reasons that made these bikes as the true commuter bikes. I think you can discover the things what you expected to be featured into the bike you like. So let’s find the reasons why these are completely perfect for commuting.

They Have Rigidity: The bikes have been listed here all of these are either composed with aluminum or high quality steel. So you would be surprised after seeing their unchangeable performance even after years of use. These materials are completely corrosion resistant, indestructible and not harm the paints of the bike. So never feel hesitated to pass the bumpy roads if you face somehow during the pedaling.

They Have Lightweightness: Honestly, not all of the bikes in this list are lighter, only the bikes with aluminum frames and alloy rims are lighter. So if you choose the aluminum commuter bikes, of course they are lighter and easy to handle than steel bike. Although the steel bikes are slightly heavier than aluminum bikes, but they have the enough rigidity and mostly comes at a simple price.

They Have Affordability: Mostly the people don’t want to spend a lot for a bike. So I have hardly tried to present you only the affordable bikes as if you don’t have the problem with your budget. So if you have a minimalist a budget like $150-$300, it’s possible to discover a quality bike for commuting and I have built up the list to keep that thing in mind.


Specifications Of The Top Five Of Them



GMC Denali Road Bike

GMC Denali

If you need the control, speed, quality, rigidity, lightweightness and attractivity in one thing, then this amazing GMC aluminum bike is for you. It’s a bike that confirms you will be back at home with the smile on your face.  This bike keeps the ability to give the smoothest ride in rigorous condition you face on the road.  The aluminum frame and fork slap the roughness with its optimum capability while the padded saddle prevents the numbness. It is sleek and attractive that easily suits to your style while the racing specific vitesse rims with 700c wheels give a good speed without highly attempt. You can simply control its speed level by the Shimano integrated shifters that are optimized with 21 speeds. Check Our Review



Vilano Aluminum Commuter Bike

Vilano Aluminum Commuter Bike

It comes from Vilano and the affordability and quality both will catch your attention. This commuter bike may not extraordinary, but as an affordable bike with high quality material it will give you enjoyable, fastest and smoothest riding time with getting the best control. The 6061 double butted frame of aluminum gives a long service with lightweightness and optimum rigidity. The 700c wheelset of it with double walled rims amazingly perform when you come to the approach of roughness. It has integrated thumb shifters to easily control your speed level without getting anything wrong. Furthermore, to prove it as a highly controlled bike they also used alloy caliper brakes.



Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C

Schwinn Mens Phocus Drop Bar 1400 700c

This Phocus 1400 for men is the creation of Schwinn that is renowned as the bigger name in the bicycle manufacturers. It’s originally an entry level bike and designed for regular or amateur riding in the city or long distance routes. It amazingly comes with paired spokes that actually looks strength.  Its aluminum frame has the optimum ability to come approach on any condition that also does a job to smoothen the bumpy surface. The lightweightness, caliper brakes and Shimano integration of it gives any kind of control you need at the best level. And finally the upright riding position of it gives a relaxable journey without giving hurt to the back and neck. Check Our Detailed Review



Vilano Shadow 2.0

Vilano Shadow 2.0

With the upright riding position this sleek Vilano Shadow is an inexpensive and powerful performer for the on road. It has the slimmer 700c wheels that used long lasted and rigid double walled wheels as if it can withstand any condition. To bring the optimum easiness in controlling it uses lighter butted aluminum frame that is superbly rigid. Overall, you won’t be frustrated for the top class optimization on it for controlling. It has the caliper brakes to provide the immense stopping capability while the Shimano integration for controlling the gear is smooth and excellently reliable. Undoubtedly, this bike is the right example for commuting without saving the wallet.



Vilano Women’s 700c Retro City Commuter


This bike has been specified as a top notch commuter bike for women and that’s why it is differently designed for an optimum comfortability for women. It has the retro urban style frame that is composed with top grade steel. The saddle with the suspension greatly slaps the roughness while the very padded saddle confirms you won’t feel fatigued after riding for hours. The bike has speed with twist grip shifter and as a hybrid bike it can be sometime used for off road. To make it stoppable anytime they also optimized the bike with linear pull brakes.



So if you love commuting from your heart, undoubtedly these commuter bikes are great ones. Because they aren’t only optimized with the quality materials, but also they are extremely affordable as of you don’t have to break the bank for your desired bike.