About Us

I have been involved with a group of cyclists since 16 years. I love commuting and off road riding, that’s why sometimes I also go for off road exploring.Out of my job mostly I spend time by commuting& long distance cycling, but if I go for long distance ride I mostly do that with my cyclist friends. Because it’s a better option for mine rather than ride by single. Cycling provides huge fun and keeps me always stress free. That’s why I encourage others for cycling and provide tips and tricks. Roadbikeisland is such a place where I have been involved to do these type of things. So the basic goal of mine to provide the tips and tricks throughout this blog. Even some of the information also comes from my other cyclist friends as they also contribute to the writing section.

Roadbikeisland.com is also a participant of the Amazon Accociate Program. So when you purchase something by our recommendations we may receive some commission. But honestly, it helps us to run this blog and encourage us to keep up our hard work.

So if you think anything should be improved by us or you need to ask something please feel free to contact with us. Happy Cycling!