Beginner’s Guide: How To Choose Your Very First Road Bike

So you have finally decided to buy a road bike for commuting, long time riding or having fun rides with friends! But, don’t know what should you look into a road bike before buying, this guideline might provide you some informational things for getting a proper idea about a perfect beginner road bike. Before moving into the description, I should let you know the budget is the key factor as the fame material and other components vary with the cost. But as a newbie choosing the beginner bike would be a better pick for you. So let’s move into the basic analysis how you can fix the right beginner bike for you.


You Should Know The Frame Material

No matter whether it’s a road bike or mountain bike, the bike’s frame is conventionally built out of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. And of course the performance of them would be different.

Steel: It’s a very old type and common material for the bike’s frame, but it is still exists in many road bikes. I mean there are manufacturers that still mold the steel to build up the frame. Although the cheap or low budget based bikes are very intend to use it. It is durable, but increases the heaviness of any bike as it is heavier than the other conventional materials of frame. Although, the heaviness can create some inconveniences, but the durability of it adds a greater stability.

Aluminum:  Aluminum is a very popular choice for all entry level bikes. Aluminum is durable and provides greater stability all time. The reasons for choosing the aluminum frame, it is durable and lightweight than the steel and provides smoother pedaling experience. If you get the aluminum fork too into the bike, it adds extra advantages to smoothen the little or bigger impacts.

Carbon Fiber:  The carbon fiber is an expensive choice for your bike. But it has an extraordinary capability to stiffy and lightify the bike. The carbon fiber frame and fork smoothen the impacts amazingly and provide an excellent control over the roughness. The quality of carbon fiber can be different according to the purpose and cost. Professionals and sometimes the entry level riders may intend to use carbon fiber bikes.

Titanium: The titanium is also an expensive choice and of course very durable and lightweight. The professional level bicycles use it for the frame. So of course the beginner should avoid it.


Groupset: Which is the ideal brand into a beginner bike?

If you don’t buy a single speed bike, of course you should pay attention to the groupset as the brake and gear are one most important part of your bike. There are several manufacturers that build up quality groupset while the Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo are popular ones. But most of the time the entry level bikes come with the Shimano groupset and of course the Shimano groupset is an ideal choice into a beginner bike. The most common models of groupset from Shimano are the Shimano Sora, Dura Ace, Tiagra, Claris, Ultegra, 105, Dura Ace Di2 and Ultegra Di2. Moreover, the Shimano groupset provides the flawless performance and easiness in using.


Brakes: Calipers are Good, Discs are Better

Although more than 95% of mountain bikes come with the disc brakes. But the road bikes are quite different from mountain bikes as a road bike never faces the roughness like a mountain bike. So the caliper brakes are enough to control your bike on the flat surface, but if your bike is composed with the disc brake that is more than good. The caliper brakes work can’t provide hundred percent braking power if the rims get wet while the disc brakes are always good.


Size: Must Fix The Right Size

After choosing the right model and brand, you should fix the right frame size that suits to your body’s height. Choosing the right size won’t only help you to pedal the bike comfortably, but it also provides a greater performance with your style. Here is a chart for you to guess the right frame size.


Image Credit: Cycle Gremlin


Wheelset Should be Durable and lightweight

The road bike wheelsets are more slimmer than mountain bike wheels and the lightweight slimmer road bike wheels maximize the speed while the durability must need. The bikes between $200- $500 mostly equipped with the alloy aluminum rims that are properly lightweight and amazingly durable. Moreover, If you choose the tubeless ready wheelsets that would be great to avoid the chances of getting your tires punctured.