10 Best Bike Locks of 2020 | Secure Your Bike In Seconds!

There are many reasons why we love cycling and that’s why we make an investment to be owner of a great bike. Like us there are limitless people who love cycling and invest in the same way to fill up their dream of exploring by cycle. We may spend thousand bucks for the dreamy bicycle, but we are unconscious to spend hundred or fifty bucks to keep it secured. Because of this unconsciousness we can lose our bike in a moment, that’s really not fair. So when you park it in the bike lane or campus make sure you securely kept the bike there.

So to keep your bike ultimately secured you must have to lock it to prevent the bike being theft. No matter where you park your bike you can’t reduce the chances of being it theft if you don’t lock it properly. The thief would try different methods to break the lock and that’s why your challenge should be to beat the thief. But beating the thief isn’t easier if your lock doesn’t beat the efforts of thief. As the reason you must have to use an ultimate locking system.

This is why we extensively researched to discover the best bike locks that can beat the efforts of thief. The bike locks we recommended really have the incredible durability and performance while they are unbreakable, drill resistant, water resistant and can prevent any big attack (especially our a few picked locks that are designed for high crime or low secured areas). The models and efficiency may be different from each others, so you have to decide which is mostly preferred with your bike in these 10 bike locks. 


10 Best Bike Locks For The Ultimate Protection

Here we have also made a table for the best bike locks as if you can get a quick idea for your specific choice.

Bike LocksTypeGreat ForOur Ratings
UShake Bike Lock CableCable Lock High Secured Areas4.6
Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2U LockMedium Secured Areas4.7
Sigtuna Bike LocksU LockMedium Secured Areas4.7
Foneso Security Anti-theft Chain LockChain LockMedium Secured Areas4.6
Kryptonite 997986 New York FahgettabouditU LockLow Secured Areas4.8
Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike LocksU LockMedium Secured Areas4.6
Etronic Security Bike LockCable Lock High Secured Areas4.6
Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain LockChain LockMedium Secured Areas4.7
Xtreme Bright Illumilock Cable LockCable Lock High Secured Areas4.5
Kryptonite 180111 New York FahgettabouditU LockLow Secured Areas4.8



UShake Bike Lock Cable

UShake Bike Lock Cable

So to start the mission of keeping the bike protected from being theft this is the first security guard for your bike that ensures ultimate level protection. It’s not only efficient to keep the bike secured, rather you can also use it for multipurpose like locking the gates, skateboard, boxes, ladders, Lawnmowers and other related equipments. Inside the coating it uses a steel cable that is flexible and approximately 4 ft long. Such a thick design of the cable with PVC coated exterior looking very stylish while it is unexpectedly durable and cut resistant. Because of the PVC coated cover you haven’t any fear to get scratched on the bike and such a coat also enhances the durability of the cable. Moreover, the UShake has been outfitted with a mounting bracket that holds the cable lock neatly for a hassle-free transportation.

The advantages of UShake bike lock not ended here, there have been also yet to highlight the other multitalented features. The keyless system means you will never have to carry out the keys that sometimes can be lost. The 10,000 possibilities of setting the digits mean you will have the absolute convenience of setting your Choiceful digits. Even if you would love to reset, the easy resetting system allows you to reset the digit in the minutes.



Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

The Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 is another anti-theft bike lock that highly secures your your bike from any unexpected attack. The 13mm hardened steel cable is quietly cutting resistant and will not be broken even on any leverage attack. The ultimate bike protective design of the lock makes you confident when you leave the bike locked somewhere like around the campus or street. Even the Kryptonite features Bent Foot foot design that enhances the protectivity. The drill resistant cylinder in the basic point ensures that it won’t leave its place even on any ultimate level effort by thief.

Additionally, it features two I designed keys that are amazingly easy to use and can open the lock with an effortless twist. The reliable Flex Frame bracket also ensures it can be easily carried out with the easiness. On the other hand, such a handy mounting bracket can fit to the 25mm to 80mm round, oval or square stuff as it has 360 degrees rotation system for the utmost fittings. It takes 1.63 weighs, but the handy mounting bracket simplifies the transportation. Review Here



Sigtuna Bike Locks

Sigtuna Bike Locks

No doubt, from the quality and other aspects the Sigtuna Bike Locks is one of the extreme bicycle locking system that is outfitted with a U lock shackle. Such a durable U lock shackle has incredible advantages for an easier locking with the top level security in any place. Its utmost level locking system means always the peace in mind while you aren’t around the bike. The 16mm u angle is quite thick, but more durable than your expectation. Its 1200mm long cable is enough to lock few of the bikes protectively at once while the both bolts on crossbar also work to enhance the security. Of course the cable is completely cut resistant what actually needs to keep the lock ultimately protected.

The overall design of the lock quite looks sleek and the quality of the cylinder very durable. It’s heavier and almost takes 1.4kg weighs, but you will love the quality of it what makes it great. The mounting bracket is very reliable as it offers one touch release and easy to mount to the frame. So, such a compose and outstanding performance obviously encourages every rider to get their bike locked by this Sigtuna Lock.



Foneso Security Anti-theft Chain Lock


It offers more highly protective option and great for those who think for digit numbers are not enough to make a bike secured. This extremely durable bike lock features five digit password based locking system that obviously effective than the 4 digits based locks. Indeed the higher digits mean the lower number of chances to open the lock for a thief. Moreover, you can set the number into 100 thousand possible digits that is huge. No doubt having a numbered bike lock has more benefits than other lock system. Because you are not carrying out any key that sometimes we lose and indeed such a system really offers an easy lockout system anywhere. That’s why a large number of riders love to use the numbered lock system.

Out of these great effectiveness the manganese steel chain prevents the saws and drills from any illegal effort of cutting. The chain is also covered by a waterproof and dustproof cover that help to prevent the frame from any inappropriate scratches. It is multipurpose that means you can use it for cycles, skateboard, ladders, gates, grills and many stuffs around you. As well, it’s completely lightweight and the chain made out of non-toxic steel materials that is positive and reliable.



Kryptonite 997986 New York Fahgettaboudit


It works like a one man army that is especially designed for the people who sometimes lock their bikes in high crime area. Although it may not offer any additional chain or cable, but you can separately purchase them with your needs. Its exceptional construction like the durable steel sleeve and double deadbolt locking system differentiated it than any other normal locks. That’s why you don’t have to think about the power of protection of it while it’s impossible to cut out or break the locks by any inappropriate way. The heavily durable disc style cylinder is completely unbreakable on any effort of thieving your bike by others.

It also offers three keys that mean you will have the alternative ones after one or two lost. The one key is also composed with high intensive bulb that allows you to reliably open the lock even in the dark. This kind features rarely seen on other locks what the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit does. It’s a bit heavy, but the performance of it quietly amazing and that’s why this is one of the popular bike lock out there.



Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Locks

Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Locks

This weatherproof Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike Locks is composed with weatherproof materials to prevent from being rusted. The smooth PVC coated exterior ensures the frame of the bike will never be scratched when you keep the bike locked. It approximately measures 15mm in diameter and inside the coat of U it has been molded with durable steel materials. That’s why it’s never easy to cut out by drill or any effort of breaking. When the “U” and cylinder are combined, the whole size of the lock reaches to 12”. The lock is also heavier and approximately weighs 3 pounds. So such an incredible construction & heaviness ovbiously make it as a high protective bike lock.

To add the extra protection it has a 5ft long steel cable that is longer than other conventional steel cable. The cable is also coated with PVC to avoid the scratches and to carry out the bike lock easily it features a clip mount that holds the lock on a convenient way. It also includes 2 laser keys that are comfortable to open the lock effortlessly. Additionally, it offers a 1 year manufacturer warranty that is really positive.



Etronic Security Bike Lock


This is one of most affordable bike lock in our list and great for the riders who don’t want to spend so much money for their bike lock. One thing, never use this lock in high crime areas as it would be risky to safe your bike on that situation. But if you mostly park in the college campus or protective areas, then you are okay to use it. It offers five different colors, so that you can choose it with your favorite color something likely to keep a combination with the frame or bike color. Indeed, this is another keyless lock in our list that offers hassle free locking by combined your favorite digits. The setting and resetting the digits quite easier that have been flawlessly described on the included manual instruction book.

Inside the vinyl coat the braided steel cable is very durable and prevent any cutting effort. Its versatile features also let you to protect the skateboards and other sports equipments. As well, it’s 6 feet long that is incredible and longer the steel cable of Cocoweb Heavy Duty Bike lock. More incredibly it also features a clip mount that is amazing in such a lower price range.



Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Lock


This handy and huge protective bike lock system is the another one that also comes from Kryptonite. There is no doubt about the quality and their protection system. The Kryptonite Keeper mainly a chain lock system that is covered by a flexible cloth to avoid the hesitation of getting the frame scratched. Inside the cover, it uses 3t manganese steel based chain that immensely protective and get connected to the cylinder by a hardened deadbolt. Such an extraordinary system holds the deadbolt very strongly and more than your imagination. So it will not be displaced even on any leverage attack.

It’s also designed in four colors to make your choice perfect in mind. The drill resistant cylinder prevents any attack while the I system keys also easy to use on any immediate open. Although It doesn’t offer any clip mount but you can easily put it in little hole or better to wrap it on the seatpost when you are not using it. The whole dimensions of the lock is 4 x 4 x 4 inches. Full Review Here



Xtreme Bright Illumilock Cable Lock


You are never in trouble for a quick release your bike in the dark. Especially when we keep the bike locked at night sometimes it comes with troubleness to combine the digits in the dark. That’s why this Xtreme Bright Illumilock features the LED light around the numbers as if you can quickly combine your secret digits. It uses military grade steel material to build up the cable that is incredibly durable and water resistant and never allows those sharp rows of the drill. Because of the keyless system you’ll never be worried about losing the keys. Indeed, this is best convenient system of a keyless bike lock and that’s why it’s gained impressive popularity.

Additionally, you can anytime easily customize and change the number without any hassle and because of the PVC cover, it’s never going to scratch the frame. As well, the cable is enough and sometimes can be used to lock 2 or more bicycles together. Moreover, if you want to use it for locking other sports equipments, it can also work there too.



Kryptonite 180111 New York Fahgettaboudit

Kryptonite 180111 New York Fahgettaboudit

We all know how efficient the Kryptonite bike lock is and no doubt they are one of the greatest bicycle lock manufacturer out there. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit that comes with a heavy chain that is built out of 3t manganese steel. We also previously discussed how durable these chains are and of course cut resistant. The sleek designed cylinder is also huge protective and lock the “U” more than expectation, while the hardened crossbar with double deadbolt secure the bike as you ever imagined.

Additionally like other locks of the list it uses a cover over the chain to prevent the scratch on your frame. You can use this lock to protect your bike even on the most risky areas because of high level construction.



Things That You Should Always Consider To Avoid The Weak Locks

The durability and quality of a lock depend on some things what the top quality bike locks always feature. To keep your bike highly secured, of course you have to choose a durable lock. There are many types of bike locks and among them we above reviewed for the top ten of them. We mainly focused the three types of bike locks that are U locks, Chain Locks and Cable Locks. So we wrote a short note here what you should actually consider for these types of bike locks.

“U” Locks

The “U” locks mainly look like the “U” shaped and come with a cylinder where you input the keys. The “U” shackle should be built out of steel materials for a perfect protection while having the drill resistant technology is plus,  as if the thief can’t break it with their utmost effort. On the same way the cylinder also should be durable and cut resistant. So, according to these requirements the “U” locks we recommended here, they are obviously durable and used 3t manganese steel and disc style cylinders. Even the thief can’t break them by leverage attack or their utmost efficiency.

Keyless Locks or Cable Locks

The best advantage of using these locks you never have to worry about losing the keys. You can easily open these locks by using the secret numbers. When you choose a keyless lock initially you should look at the quality of cables. The keyless locks we reviewed here are featured with cut resistant steel cables while they are flexible and PVC coated. So you can smoothly wrap them over the frame without getting the frame scratched.

Chain Locks

The chain of the chain locks mostly controlled by a “U” lock. The benefits of these locks you can highly secure your bike by combined these both system. But make sure the chain is drill resistant and built of high quality steel materials. We also kept these things in mind while recommending the top chain locks here. So don’t worry about the quality of them.


Final Lines

So, never get too late to ensure the security of your bike. It wouldn’t be fair to lose your favorite bike that you purchased by your hard-earned cash. Spending a hundred or fifty bucks or less should be enough for an extremely great bike lock that would keep you confident when you aren’t around the bike. As a rider I would obviously want as if you get the utmost security for your bike and that’s why I have worked hard to help you for the right things.