Best Hybrid Bikes for Women – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The design of the hybrid bikes is standing between the road and mountain bikes. That’s why these kind of bikes are multi-terrain and seemingly able to become efficient on any surface whether it’s even or uneven. Having a hybrid bike means you can commute, tour, exercise & adventure at the same time without being an owner for a specific road or mountain bike. Although the hybrid style bikes have some cons for off road biking, but a quality pick can firmly overcome the roughest trails as they do on the city’s streets.

Sometimes the women’s hybrid bikes are different in design as most of the times the women’s hybrid bikes are tend to be lightweight & comfortable. Even in some case the manufacturers use steel components and bring feminism in color for some women specific hybrid bikes. So to think about some common factors we struggled to drag the name of five best hybrid bikes of women in your list.


5 Best Hybrid Bikes For Women

Just take a breath and look up the list for making a sharp choice. Because we have done an extensive research to clarify everything while we also focused on all basic things to purify our recommendations. These true multi terrain hybrid bikes are completely women specific and ensure the utmost performance for your purpose of multi terrain rides. So read the reviews of them and go for a possible choice.



Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2

Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2

The Diamondback Insight 2 is the ultimate choice for people who have been dreaming of a huge versatile hybrid bike. Although it has unisex design, but the women can enjoy extreme versatility and reliability for commuting or ascending and descending over the hills. It features a very lightweight structure and the most portion of it has been built out of 6061-T6 aluminum. As well, the Insight 2 clearly easy to operate as it hasn’t any complicated features. Its smooth shifting system allows the rider effortlessly shifting the number of speed while the mechanical disc brakes also bring an optimum control for any immediate stopping.

Furthermore the rims are wrapped by Kenda Kwick Trax Tires that are thin but provide great speed and contact. The upright handlebar also ensures extra reliability and instead of sprung or air suspension it uses straight front fork for reliable handling.



Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid

Schwinn Discover Women's HybridAn affordable and top-notch versatile hybrid bike for women that is great for commuting and casual off road biking. Its stylish design, front and rear suspension efficiently work for absorbing the shocks over any uneven surface while the Promax pull linear breaks also offer the pure braking power anywhere the rider needs. This 29” Schwinn Discover perfectly fits to the taller size women and comes with 700c wheels and strong knobbed tires for outstanding contact. As usual the Shimano components ensure better quality and optimum performance. So it is also outfitted with Shimano smooth shifter and rear derailleur to continue the steady performance in any situation.

Indeed, every women deserves a lightweight bike and to bring the things in women’s area Schwinn uses aluminum that is huge stiff but more than lightweight. The upright design of the handlebar with a soft padded saddle also enhances the control and smoothness for commuting. It has a rear rack that would be useful for the office person or school girl.



Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle

Northwoods Springdale Women's 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle

The Springdale Women’s 21 speed that comes from Northwoods with stylish frame and greatly equipped components. The Northwoods also designed the upright handlebar to think about the reliability of women. With a 21 speed gear and pull linear brakes the bike allows you to confidently commute the town. The construction of the bike especially for the rims & frame has been manually crafted with aluminum that is incredibly lightweight and perfect for a women’s specific bicycle.

The Northwood Springdale comes in two different versions. The version for men may offer different design while the women specific one is only white colored. It’s also affordable and can be picked up at a limited budget.



Schwinn Women’s Siro

Schwinn Women's Siro 700c

The versatile Schwinn Women’s Siro brings the same advantages like Schwinn Discover. The bike looks attractive with a mellow light green color that is very famine and would attract the passers while you commute. As a hybrid bike it has been structurized for a genuine performance, whether it’s for off road or city’s street. It smoothes the bumps like a dual suspension based mountain bike as the craftsman crafted it with a front shock absorber and seat spring. It has also the exact combination of lightweight components as the Siro adjusted alloy rims on both wheels with the stiff aluminum frame.

Although it features an upright handlebar for a perfect & comfort riding position. But additionally you can turn the handlebar up or down or set it to the convenient angle by an adjustable stem that features the Schwinn Siro. This 21 speed Schwinn Siro also doesn’t forget to be outfitted with Shimano components, so you can enjoy the excellent speed and greater control anytime anywhere you need.



Schwinn Women’s Community

Schwinn Women's Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle

The Schwinn Women’s Community something like the Schwinn Discover & Siro and almost features the same components. This 700c hybrid is designed with the very lightweight materials and can be ridden for multi-purpose. Of course, it’s more than perfect to commute on the streets and you can also enjoy the same opportunity if you have any casual plan to explore on out of the city. It has a sprung suspension fork for the front wheel that smoothes the shocks while the suspension in seat post also works to boost up the comfortability.

It also doesn’t hold the rider any step behind than other great bikes to shift the gear up or down for enjoying the extreme speed. The bike is optimized with 21 speed Shimano gear and a set of quality rim brakes that approximately meet the initial requirement of riding. To improve the riding experience it has an adjusted stem on the handlebar that is customizable to set your handlebar on the right angle.


What To Look For Before Choosing

The things may not end here. There are still left few things that should keep always in mind for the universal choice. Obviously nothing is going to be difficult that we are about to discuss here. Rather, these points will clarify the idea for picking the right women’s hybrid bike. So, read flawlessly in a short time what to really invest!

Set a reliable budget: The most needed thing is to set the budget. Because in truth mostly the quality & design vary to your budget. So at first set the budget, then come about to find out what is the best under your budget. Suppose if you have a hybrid bike under hundred bucks would come with poorest & heavier materials that might be inappropriate for women. So make sure you can at least spend two hundred bucks for an optimal hybrid bike.

Focus on the construction: Aluminum materials make the bike lightweight and extraordinarily stiff. Being the bike lightweight has an excellent advantage, especially for the women’s hybrid bike. It’s easier to handle and because of being stiff & lightweight, it can easily withstand the roughness . So we also ensured this big requirement as the hybrid bikes here we listed are made out of aluminum.

Padded seats are more comfy: Undoubtedly the women usually feel better on the padded seat than any other conventional model. So, choosing the bike with padded and comfy seat can improve the smoothness when you ride like over the gravel or roughest roads.

Make sure the size is perfect: If you forget to pick out the right size, then you are going to engage yourself in full of uncomfortability. Of course you have to figure out what size of the bike suits to your actual height. So guess the prior bike size you used to or take the help from your friends who are experienced in bikes.

Gears and brake system may depend on your choice: The hybrid bikes on the market offer different range of gear. So you can choose a single speed bike to multi speed gear ranges. Although the more gear range means more speed and precise control. So if you have any tend for extensively speeding up better to look for a wide range of gear.

On the other hand the rim brake system might be enough unless you decide to ride on bumpy and rougher streets. Because the disc brakes work more actively than the rim brakes on rough or bumpy routes something like over the hills.  



So, These are the things what would make you a winner for the real women’s hybrid bike. The summarized lines of the guideline and our five best picks might be helpful to keep you on the right track. We have filled up the list by doing an extensive research as if you win the right machine for the dream of commuting and other desired riding style.