Best Road Bikes For Beginners | Our Top 5 Picks

There are lots of beginners who are dreaming to start their road biking journey, but choosing a suitable beginner bike would be tricky for them. Because, you wouldn’t like to spend a thousand bucks for a very beginner bike. On the other hand, if you choose a racing or aerodynamic bike, then you would face the difficulty to control the bike as these bikes are not suitable for non skilled people. So you have to choose such a bike that is easy to operate, built with quality materials and the price range is in your limited budget. But how can you choose such a beginner road bike? Before going into the details for the best road bikes for beginners, here are a few tips for you.

Frame: Frame is the backbone for any bike as it literally ensures how strength the bike is. A road bike’s frame can be built up by the steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. Although the carbon fiber and titanium can be used for professional level road bikes and the price would be higher compared to aluminum and steel frame based bike. So after judging many points the steel and aluminum frame based road bikes would be great for a beginner. Although, the steel frame would be heavier than aluminum, but it is strong like aluminum and cost less than aluminum in some cases.

Brake: Without the powerful brakes your bike hasn’t any value. Although any road bike with disc brakes would be great while the pull, cantilever or V brakes aren’t bad as they can also stop your bike anytime by your request. That’s why for a beginner road bike the Pull or V brakes would be perfect while the disc brakes are always great.

Gears: The gears on a bike maximize the control and can increase and decrease the speed level by your request. Literally, the gears have a great value on a road bike. Although, the beginner can feel uncomfortable with gears, but once you learned how to operate it, then everything would be easy. But if you think, you are very uncomfortable with gears, then a fixed gear bike wouldn’t be bad for a beginner.


5 Best Road Bikes For Beginners On The Market

So after researching all positive and negative sides here I am finally showing the 5 best road bikes for beginners that are quality, comfortable and inexpensive.


1)GMC Denali Road Bike

GMC Denali

The GMC Denali is one of the attractive and lightweight road bike out there that is composed with some very high quality materials. Especially the aluminum frame that is amazingly strength and completely beat the roughness of the road and make your cycling journey extremely comfortable. This 21 speed road bike used Shimano Groupset that is smooth, easy to operate and long lasted. You can change the gears with Shimano component like a breeze while the wide range gearing will ensure to enjoy a great speed. Moreover, the alloy caliper brakes are great as it can simply stop your bike anytime by your request and finally the 700c tires are able to take the challenge of any rigorous condition of the street. Check Review Here


2)Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike


The Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed is another comfortable road bike for beginners that has some surprising features. This lightweight bike is composed of 6061 aluminum that is fully strength and withstand the roughness as you expect. The gears are optimized with Shimano shifters and Derailleurs to shift the gears smoothly. To reduce the weight the bike used aluminum kickstand that not only strength, but can reduce the weight of your bike from a side. Such a bike would be easy to control for both experienced and inexperienced people and you can easily easily assemble this bike without having so much experience.


3)Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Road Bike

The Takara Kabuto is actually a single speed bike. So it is perfect for them who want to enjoy the free pedaling. The tig welded steel frame is greatly strong and it is crafted with alloy rims that will help you to overcome the roughness with keeping you comfortable. If you love commuting with exploring the new and amazing street, then you should get it. Moreover, the pull brakes can provide enough braking power that you need on the street. The bike can be available in a few different colors and sizes, so your choosing effort for the right one would be easy. Check Complete Review


4)Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Schwinn Prelude

The Schwinn has the reputation for their outstanding creation in the category of road bike and mountain bike. And this Schwinn Men’s Prelude also comes from them that has some surprising features. Whatever you love commuting, racing, touring or long distance ride, the bike can provide you the best comfortability for your any purpose. With a drop bar the bike has been composed with aluminum for a solid performance. On the other hand, it is optimized with Shimano Drivetrain and A050 road shifters that are ultra smooth to use. Moreover, the 700c alloy wheels with Schwinn alloy rims can smoothen the bumps perfectly on any rough road. Overall, it’s such a road bike that would be great for beginner and experienced people. Check the full detailed review here


5)HASA R5 Shimano 21 Speed Road Bike


The Hasa R5 is another great creation after Hasa R4 24 speed road bike. The Hasa originally a Taiwanese company, but the fewer models of them in the road bike category have gained an amazing response from the users. Literally the Hasa R5 is such a bike that is lightweight, strong and comfortable for riding. The bike used Shimano Components to optimize the speed while the frame is made of lightweight aluminum. You can use the bike for your desired ride on the street while the riding level is fully smooth and comfortable. Check The Review


Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, any of the models on the list would be great for starting. But here need your preference, suppose if you like the single speed bike, of course the number three is great. But if you want to enjoy the gearing, amazing smoothness and lightweight body, of course, all of them except the number three should be great for you.