Best Road Bikes Under $200 In 2022 | Reviews & Our Four Picks

There are many people who are not willing to spend much for their road bike whether they are commuting enthusiast or sometimes want to spend quality time with their friends through a long distance ride. But some people think it’s not possible to find out a quality bike at the cheapest price and from my thought if you still think it’s impossible, I would say you have never researched. There you can discover some amazing road bikes that are quality. Although the number of quality road bikes under $200 would be limited, but I found some of them by my research and here are the best four of them.


Four Best Road Bikes Under 200 Dollars That Are Simply Amazing

Believe it or not the bikes you see here, all are under 200 dollars. Even I am amazed to see their quality and design. So read what they offered for the road biking enthusiasts.



Merax 21 Speed Road Bike 


The people who are about to seek an aluminum bike at this price range I am sure they would be surprised after hearing the name of Merax 21 Speed Road Bike. This sleek and amazingly attractive bike can be ridden with a very high speed as it has been made for racing enthusiast people while the amazing gear range can provide your required speed with the simple pedaling attempt. The components they used into the groupset that aren’t inferior or low quality as you know about the quality of Shimano. They avoided to use the ordinary aluminum into the frame to ensure a real quality and that’s why the frame of Merax 21 speed is made out of very durable 6061 aluminum. And finally, to make your braking attempt reliable, they used alloy caliper brakes that greatly work with the slim 700c wheelset.


Kent GZR700 Road Bike


Although most of the beginners don’t know much about this Kent GZR700 Road Bike, but I discovered it by my research and I personally recommend it for beginners. This reliable Kent GZR700 with aerodynamic design is an ideal creation for the commuting enthusiast people who likely wish to get the bike at a very reliable cost. The high tensile steel frame and fork are extremely strong that ensure you can confidently pedal it in the roughness. The 21 speed shifters of the bike are more amazing to retain a good speed with better control and smoothness. And furthermore, the caliper brakes are usually amazing to get an amazing control anytime anywhere you need while the Shimano components on the gear are very smooth and long lasted.


Vilano Diverse 1.0

Vilano Diverse 1.0

The Vilano Diverse 1.0 is originally a hybrid bike that provides an extraordinary road biking feeling on the road as you know all the hybrid bikes are actually designed to beat the extra roughness of the road. It adds some amazingness by composing out of the 6061 aluminum in the frame and fork. That means it’s not only ready to beat the roughness, but also it can bring the smooth cycling moments even when it goes through the bumps. The comfortable flat bar handlebar with an upright riding position can provide the right cycling comfortability that you need for on road biking. Furthermore, the Shimano derailleurs and shifters with 21 speed gear range are great for raising up the speed at an extreme level and finally you don’t need too much attempt to assemble the bike as it can be assembled simply.


Critical Cycles Harper Coaster

Critical Cycles Harper Coaster

The Critical Cycles have gained an incredible popularity by their outstanding fixie bikes and this sleek Harper Coaster has come from them that offers the same reliability for commuting. But this bike can be slightly different from other Critical Cycles Fixie Bike as it comes with the coaster brake that is integrated with the pedals. That means you have to push the pedals on backwards to slow down the bike. This handcrafted bike is built with hand made steel while the rims are double walled. So you can ride this durable bike confidently through the any condition of the road while the very road bike specific wanda commuter tires provide an extreme reliability. And the bike includes all necessary tools to simply assemble and fine and tune the bike. Review here

Final Verdict

If you ride regularly or have a good idea about buying the road bike, you may know it’s not too easy to find out a quality road bike that is at the cost of under $200. But I found these four road bikes under $200 after spending almost 8 hours of research. I also deeply research the experience of other users with these bikes and after seeing their amazing experiences I am confident you would have the quality road biking experience ever. Honestly, it’s difficult to find more quality bikes than these road bikes at the price range under $200.