10 Best Road Bikes Under $500 For Men & Women(In 2022) | Buying Guide & Picks

Road bikes are undoubtedly a popular choice for commuting, racing and long distance riding. Some people also ride a road bike for multi-purpose like going to school, reaching to the workplace, working-out for fitness and touring randomly around the city. Probably for these common reasons we decide to have a road bike that subsequently turns into a great source of entertainment. So we all wish to have such a bike that exactly suits to our riding style while it’s being stiff is the must have thing. But unfortunately we can’t always stand with an expensive budget and that’s why we want to come back to figure out which one is the best within the budget.

So to fix some certain names we did an extensive research to figure out what are the best road bikes under 500 dollars. Of course you can find hundred or more bikes for the price like under 500 dollars. But unfortunately a slight portion of them only achieved satisfiable response while the rest of them don’t provide exact value. So here we counted the ten best names of them depending on their popularity & consumer’s experience. They have the excellent quality & value what you expect for your hard earned money.

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10 Best Road Bikes Under 500 For Men and Women (number 6,7,8 & 9 for women)

The bikes that we have listed here are made out of stiff aluminum that has been reasonably used by the manufacturers for a long lasted performance. On the other hand to lightify a bike the aluminum is a great choose than steel. It can absorb the impacts in an efficient way. As well, to optimize the speed these bikes used high performance Shimano Drivetrain. So when you turn up the speed with an easy shifting, you will get a quick response from this outstanding mechanism.

Road Bikes Under $500Frame's MaterialPerfect For SpeedOur RatingsPrice

1)Giordano Libero 1.6

6061 Aluminum Frame
(Hand Crafted)

2)Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600

Schwinn Aluminum
Road Frame

3)Vilano Shadow

6061 Double Butted
Aluminum Frame

4)2015 Hasa R4

Aluminum Alloy FrameMen24-Speed4.3

5)Bavel Ultra Light

Reinforced Aluminum

6)Diamondback Women’s Haanjenn Tero

Butted Aluminum Alloy

7)Raleigh Bikes Women’s Superbe

Steel FrameWomen7-Speed4.6

8)Giordano Libero Women’s 1.6

6061 Aluminum Frame
(Hand Crafted)

9)Sixthreezero Women’s 7-Speed Bicycle

Reinforced Aluminum

10)Fortified City Commuter

6061 Aluminum



Giordano Libero 1.6

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c

The hand crafted Giordano Libero 1.6 is one of the stylish road bike that has been crafted out of 6061 aluminum. Its high performance design with 700c wheels mean you can ride it with extreme comfortability while it fits to the 5.1”- 5.8” riders. The bike is integrated with Shimano STI Drivetrain that has the awesome efficiency to maintain the speed whether you turn it up or down. It features threadless stem that is easy to mount and clamp the handlebar very tightly. The 42 cm c/c alloy padded handlebar also a great design that is comfortable with the raised seat post. Complete review here

The Libero 1.6 is designed with dual water bottle mounting option to be always hydrated. So if you planned for a long distance ride, you can easily carry out an extra bottle of water that subsequently helps you to avoid the dehydration. With such a composition of the bike they also used powerful alloy pull brakes that has a quick & immense stopping power.  


  • Racing, commuting or touring! The design and weight might encourage you to pedal more.
  • 16 speed drivetrain to dominate over the pedaling power while you can precise the speed level.
  • Full aluminum frame compressed the weight level to increase the performance.
  • Double water bottle holder to carry additional water bottle.



Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men's Road Bike

The Schwinn Phocus 1600 is another extraordinary and compact road bike that has superior quality and decent performance. Honestly seeking out another similar bike within the price range would be unexpectedly difficult. To overcome the roughness it features a rigid carbon fiber front fork that has the extreme stiffness. This Schwinn 16 speed road bike is composed with Shimano Claris derailleur with a combination of SR Suntour crankset that boosts up the range of gear.

It’s differently used the paired spokes with lightweight alloy rims that are positive. Apart these things it has a quick releasable saddle that can be used for a quick and easy height adjustment. The alloy caliper brakes have enough ability for the most needed stopping while the pedals are huge reliable for smooth pedaling. Fully explained here


  • Carbon fiber fork cuts down the power of vibrations.
  • Aluminum road frame for stiffness and dependable performance.
  • Dual pivot caliper brakes for perfect braking power in narrow wheels.
  • Speed optimization with Shimano Claris shifters.
  • Accurate geometry.



Vilano Shadow

Vilano Shadow Road Bike

The Vilano Shadow is an excellent option for commuting and doing exercise at the same time. Its lightweight and attractive design easily suit with the rider’s style while the integrated Shimano STI brake levers and shifters are amazingly reliable to operate. Such an extraordinary design easily allows the rider to have an easy control for precise gearing. The compact aero frame is much more stiff that has been created out of butted aluminum. The reliable integrated levers are also connected to the alloy brake calipers that is steady. So when you pull the levers it immediately makes a progress for immense braking.

To improve the stiffness they also featured double walled rims that is rigid and tackle the roughness very smoothly. Moreover, the bike comes with an additional pair of pedals that rarely offer other brands. To ride with the utmost relaxations it also features a comfort padded saddle. Overall, with such a great compose the Kenda road bike specific tires are also long lasted and quality based. Fully detailed Here


  • Butted aluminum frame for high-end stiffness.’
  • Drop handlebars bring some aerodynamic.
  • Integrated brake lever and shifters for superior controlling power.
  • Double walled rims hold the high end stiffness.



2015 Hasa R4

2015 HASA R4 Road Bike Shimano

The Hasa R4 is manufactured by a reputable Taiwanese Brand that is called Hasa and the R4 is a popular model among their bikes. Like Schwinn and Diamondback the manufacturer also built up the bike with top level components. The Hasa R4 almost comes up with eight different frame sizes from 48cm – 60cm to be fitted with the conventional rider’s height. Although it doesn’t offer multiple colors, but the great range of frame size enhances the opportunity for picking the accurate size. The whole bike only takes weigh 9.8 kg that is very lightweight and quite compatible to handle.

The bike has integrated with Shimano shifter and derailleur that are pretty reliable. On the other hand, this 24 speed Hasa S4 has a great range of gear with precise and optimum control. The rims are also double walled while the Innova rigid tires reduce the chances for any unexpected puncture. Full review here


  • 24 speed is a great speed level to be used with precise control by Shimano ST-2400 shifters for racing and commuting.
  • 21.6 lbs is a lighter and perfect weight as a commuter road bike.
  • Caliper brakes create a good resistance with the slim wheelset.
  • Integrated with some quality components of Shimano.



Bavel Ultra Light

BAVEL Ultra Light Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike

The Bavel Ultra Light is the one that is quality tested and the manufacturer take a 500 meter ride before packaging. The Bavel is a united state based company that produces quality bicycles and accessories. As the product of this company the Bavel Ultra mounted the powerful mechanical disc brakes for excellent braking power. It’s a racing bike that offers a pure aluminum construction for the frame, forks and rims. It has the availability of four attractive designs and multiple frame size while the assembling is quite easy.

The Derailleurs and shifters are optimized with Shimano for an extra comfort and as usual to make it as a perfect road bike they also used road specific 700*23C tires.


  • Disc Brakes create amazing resistance and anywhere it can stop your bike even in the high speed.
  • Aluminum wheelset creates a good combination with aluminum frame to decrease the weight.
  • Disc brakes for the resistance you need when you squeeze the wheel.
  • Padded saddle and carbon steel seatpost.



Diamondback Women’s Haanjenn Tero

Diamondback Women Haanjenn Tero

The women’s passion in cycling is remarkable, especially in the last decade and the upcoming years would be more incredible in the grow of women’s cycling.  Actually, riding at every weekend or long distance friendship tour at every month can be a faithful way to freshen up your mind and body. People use a road bike for multi purpose rides in the same flat roads to be familiar with their neighborhood streets and explore the roads where they have never gone. The women also like cycling almost for similar reasons and when you are curious about finding the suitable one that would understand you, we can tell you about the Diamondback Women’s Haanjenn Tero. Basically, this bike is fearless to hear your direction as the non flat gravel stretched terrain won’t be able to send you out of the track.

On the other hand, the Diamondback structured and designed it by maintaining the women’s anatomy and their options in color. The Endurance Geometry tends to deal with comfortability through eliminating the vibrations and bumps. So a woman rider can enhance her pedaling activities when she has a friendship cycling tour like riding 100 miles.


  • Endurance Geometry raises the natural pedaling activity by eliminating the vibrations and pressure over your back.
  • Reliable wheelset and specific tires to eliminate falling off to the gravel roads.
  • Powerful disc brakes wouldn’t be excessively slipped when you require a brake.
  • It is structured according to the women’s anatomy.
  • Wider saddle would accommodate you perfectly.



Raleigh Bikes Women’s Superbe

Raleigh Bikes Women Superbe

If you are biking for pleasure and you are curious about the lanes, street, road side malls and canals, then coming to the street with this city bike and having a cup of coffee or some foods through the break of your ride might make your day unforgettable. You would also catch the attention of pedestrians if you have come to the road to commute with this stylish bike. It may not have been optimized to be the part of your memory of a long distance ride, but it at least compactly followed your enthusiasm of the city exploration. With the women’s specific geometry, a stylish basket on the carrier and compact color combination it has become one of the trendiest city bikes.

Moreover, the step thru design won’t tire you to get on and off the bike and literally this tricky frame design would provide a dependable control in the city what every woman wants. It also responsibly brought a maintenance in the speed by optimizing Shimano 7 speed shifters for gearing management. So when you want to change the mode of pedaling, just use the thumb for altering the gearing mode.


  • Reinforced steel frame and compact structure confirmed the 100% strength level.
  • Incredibly stylish as the women’s city bike while there is no random color combination.
  • Step thru design simply ensures no complications during getting on and off the bike.
  • 7 speed gears brought the dependable speed management into the bike.



Giordano Libero Women’s 1.6

Giordano Libero Women 1.6

The Giordano Libero 1.6 Men Version is at our number one pick as one of the top rated commuter and touring bikes. But after this faithful invention they introduced the Libero 1.6 Women’s version. They brought the remarkable changes in Women’s 6.1 considering how women like the color combination and structure of the bike. The hand crafted design with specific geometry won’t hurt your back while it saves the body from absorbing vibrations. Moreover, the reinforced 6061 aluminum eliminated the inferiority from the frame while its weight is lighter than other steel bikes.

With the reliable geometry according to the women’s anatomy, the aluminum frame shortens the bumps and thinifies the impacts. So the joints won’t be hurt as the roughness won’t imperfectly vibrate the body when the bike misses proper pavement of the road. Moreover, the saddle won’t cheat to accommodate your body as it is wide and padded to allow you to ride with comfortable mood.


  • Cool white and pink color combination can be classy according to a woman’s choice.
  • The weight level might not be cumbersome to a woman.
  • The reinforced aluminum body maintains the weight as the women deserve to handle the simpler weight.
  • Double water bottle mounting system to carry an additional water bottle what you need for hydration during challenging ride.
  • Integrated with Shimano Claris STI Shifters to maintain the speed level.



Sixthreezero Women’s 7-Speed Bicycle

Sixthreezero Women 7-Speed Bicycle

If you want easier getting off and on the bike, especially in the crowded street, the step thru design simply eliminates this inconvenience. Although this tricky frame design is popular for its incredible structure that matches perfectly with the feminism. The Sixthreezero Women’s 7 has been introduced with three different cool colors like Navy, Cream and Teal Blue. The color and design ensure no matter what dresses you have worn , the design of the bike simply goes with your style. Even in the street you would be noticed because of your style and your stylish vehicle.

The Sixthreezero Women’s 7 has thinified its weight with retaining 100% rigidity by remarkable aluminum frame. On the other hand, the upright riding position eliminates lots of unnecessary pressure over the shoulder, arm and back while you can easily customize the height of handlebar to fix your comfortable position.


  • Easy height customization of the handlebar lets you fix the perfect height you want to ride relaxably.
  • 7 speed rear derailleur ensures the speed maintenance like a racing bike.
  • Upright riding position to not have the unnecessary stress over your body.
  • Lightweight construction for uncomplicated bike management.
  • Incredibly stylish as a women’s commuter bike.



Fortified City Commuter

Fortified City Commuter

I have been involved in cycling since five years, but till the day I haven’t discovered such an incredible and useful technology in bicycle what the Fortified City Commuter offers. You shouldn’t look for a bicycle lock to secure the Fortified City Commuter. Because, the incredible anti theft technology saves your bike in the street without a shackle or U lock. They use custom security bolts and anti theft materials to ultimately keep this compact road bike secured. But out of this incredible technology, it is also renowned as a great commuter bike while it also can be praised to the single speed bike lovers.

The puncture resistant tires of the bike also save a rider from the trouble of tire leakage while the rust resistant frame and chain also prevent the natural metal damage. It is incredibly great for the person who left the gym and want to build up the muscle by daily commuting.


  • Minor chances of being your bike theft while no requires of additional buying for a bike lock.
  • Fixed gears would be appreciated by those who just want to pedal in a fixed mode.
  • Rust resistant chain and aluminum frame.
  • Puncture resistant tires to eliminate tire puncturing.



Our Buying Guide To Choose A Road Bike Under $500

We have although discussed in the initial part of the article what outstanding things a road bike does. From my opinion, I would say this is the best thing for commuting that I enjoy on leisure. Of course it additionally great for exercise, touring, racing, long riding and reaching to the school or workplace. But in truth you don’t need to be an expert to choose the compatible road bike for the price range. You just need to look over these few specific points to discover an extreme road bike.


1)The Frame: Frame is the basic portion for any bicycle that obviously should be stiff. So If you are about to spend $300-$500, of course confirm you got an aluminum frame based bike that is perfectly lightweight and more than stiff. But if you overcome this price range we would likely come to recommend carbon fiber. Although mostly the carbon materials use for expensive bike likely over $1000.


2)The Brake: Within $300-$500 most of the road bikes offer caliper or V brakes as these brake systems are enough for road biking. But honestly disc brakes are powerful than caliper brakes and that’s why the mountain bikes tend to use the disc brakes. So you should go for the caliper or V brakes optimized road bikes if you set the budget in this price range.


3)The Gears: Finally you should consider how quality gears the bike is used for optimizing the speed. Indeed, the Shimano gears are trusted and preferred as it easy to optimize and long lasted. So make sure the bike is optimized with such an excellent component.


4)The Fork: The fork in the road bikes isn’t similar like a mountain bike. The road bike’s fork is straight shaped without any spring or coil suspension. The road bike’s fork comes from steel, aluminum and carbon while the road bike is not compatible with bumpy roads and that’s why it comes without any spring suspension. But in the flat road with roughness it can still vibrate the bike and in this circumstance the responsibility of the frame is smoothing it as if it can’t have any negative effect over the body. To be honest the carbon has remarkable efficiency to blur the power of vibrations and the aluminum is in the second position while the steel can be counted as the average.


5)Fixed Or Geared: The geared bike allows its user to dominate over the pedaling and speed. In truth the gears in bike is an innovative addition what is liked by numerous riders. But everyone isn’t interested in gear system as they aren’t reliable to operate the shifters and they just like straightforward pedaling. So if you like this straightforward pedaling system, you can opt a bike from fixed gears.


6)The Rims: The steel, aluminum and carbon have been used to be the materials of rims since a few decades. Their performance in the job of smoothing the vibrations varies with the materials right as we have explained about the fork. But in the aluminum rims, it should have the integrations with double walls for the maximum stiffness while the steel and carbon should be reinforced to kick out the weakness.


7)The Saddle: The saddle should have the perfect accommodations with a wider body and thicker paddings as if the saddle can’t discourage you to longevity the ride. On the other hand, the ventilations holes and channel in the center can bring the air and vent out the moisture. But, if you aren’t satisfied with the paddings of your saddle, you can add a cushioned seat cover or replace the saddle.



Not sure what others think, but for me riding a bike is the key source of entertainment. So if you have the same enthusiasm, then don’t wait to start exploring. These five road bikes under $500 will provide the exact value for the money you spend for them. In truth, these bikes achieved excellent feedbacks from the users and you will be really impressed for the features they offer. So if you are looking for a road bike under $500, then any one among them might be an asset for riding.