Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer Review

The advantage of an indoor bike trainer is endless. If there the weather affects your cycling journey, especially for the fitness training purpose, never be frustrated. A bike trainer would keep you away from theses unexpected obstacles. The season varies with the months and the cyclists mostly face the problems in winter and rainy season. In that condition, either the outside is too wet or the snow excessively covered your outside. Sometimes it can happen for half or quarter of the month and you can’t keep you away from the workout or recovering you from the injuries in such a long time. So if you get a bike trainer in your home, you would never have to wait for anything.

In truth, the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer is such an indoor trainer that is outfitted to provide you the same feelings of outdoor cycling.  With this affordable and durable bike trainer you wouldn’t be about to give up your fitness training. The Blackburn creates it to meet the needs of indoor cycling training that has an excellent resistance in the progress of spinning wheels. And because of the unfaded resistance you would never have the inappropriateness on fitness training.


Specifications of The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer

The curve shape Blackburn Tech Mag 6 has the superior stability to provide you a risk free and comfortable fitness training session. Even the components that are used to be designed for Tech Mag 6 that really maximizes the performance and durability on a peak level. So let’s see the greatness of it why it has been reputed.


Progressive Resistance Power

It’s unlike some poor trainers and as the reasons it never provides faded resistance. The fluid magnetic units create the resistance in a superb manner. That means when you enforce to spin the wheels, you will feel the perfect resistance even if you spin the wheels aggressively. Even , if you want the preciseness in resistance the six different settings will also allow you to change the resistance level for a utmost perfection. And obviously there isn’t any hassled system to switch the resistance level. Because the remote lever offers a hassle free option that you can adjust to the handlebar for an easy use.


Stable Steel Frame With Non Slip Based Feets

The adjustable steel tubular frame not only stiff, but also foldable and that’s why you can easily store and carry out the trainer for your needs. The non slip feets not only stiff, but also strongly stand out over the mat without any slippage risk. The feets are smoothly wrapped by the rubber and as the reason the trainer wouldn’t slip and shake during the training. As well, the FastCrank system offers a simple mount while it also compatible with any commuter, road bike and mountain bike wheels.


Block, Mat and Sweat Mat Maximize The Comfortability

The block actually raises up the front wheel to train the bike with a comfortable mind while the mat creates a strong surface and holds the trainer feets strongly. As well, because of the mat you can also save the floor from any scratches while the Sweat mat keeps your bike and floor from getting dirty.


  • Great progressive resistance with unfaded performance.
  • Six different levels of resistance settings.
  • Foldable system to easily carry out and store.
  • Rubbered cap on the feets for greater stability.
  • Compatible with mountain and road bikes.



  • The price is a little bit expensive.


Final Verdict

Although you would have to spend some extra bucks for the Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer, but the surprising quality of the Tech Mag 6 ensures a reliable fitness training session. The almost noiseless performance and fluid magnetic resistance will provide an excellent indoor cycling support. It is designed with a curve shape that maximizes the stability with the rubber caps. As well, the foldable design also ensures an easy storage end of the day.