How To Buy A Second Hand Bike?

Simply a second hand or an old bike never costs like a new bike and the main reason behind buying a second hand bike would be you are not comfortable with the budget that costs for a new bike. But buying an old bike is a crucial factor and it will be never an easy process like buying a new bike. For a new bike you only look at the features and specifications while you are confirming that it never has been used by another rider. But when you are checking an old bike before buying, only looking at the specifications and features isn’t enough. Because it has been used by another person and if it already has been used for several years, then you should observe every part of the bike carefully.

Condition Of The Frame

You shouldn’t deal with such a frame that has lots of scratches and any prior sign to be corroded. Because after using a bike for several years the frame might have some scratches and if it is made of steel then it can have lost its 100% sturdiness while it can have a prior sign of being corroded. So you should observe these things carefully, including the condition of painting and quality. If you look inferiority on the quality of the frame, then you should skip it and look for a better quality frame like aluminum.

Observe The Contact Points

Simply after being used for several years a bike wouldn’t have in the same condition and every contact point point of the bike, like the point of the attachments and bonding zones of the frame wouldn’t have in the same condition as they were. So as a buyer you should check there is not any corrosion and bubbles in the bonding zones. And with this thing you should also make sure the bolted metals aren’t rusted or not in the way to be displaced. As well, you may take a look over the cranks to ensure the teeth look sharpy while the conditions of the chain also should be checked by the chain checker or manually.

Make Sure The Rims Aren’t Inferior

Most of the times the rims created a sign to be corroded after using for years (but aluminum and carbon fiber rims are different). Because a rider may have ridden a bike in different conditions what can be the reason of being it inferior. But as a buyer, you should ensure they can tackle the bumps or obstacles of the road as they were. With the rims the tires are also crucial factors, because if they lost the knobs, then you would need to go for a quick replacement after buying.

Don’t Buy A Stolen Bike

Being theft the bike from different parking lots is a common problem that faced many people. But don’t spend your hard earned cash for buying a stolen bike. Because the manufacturers protect the serial numbers in many ways while the real owner also could save it. In this case the seller of a stolen bike would try to remove or scratch the number. So if you spend a little bit of time to observe, they you would be able to easily mark it.

Take Advices From A Rider

Although these advices would be helpful for you, but if you have an expert rider friend, then you may take the help from him in place. Because he/she would be able to observe the bike properly and would help you to get a great second hand bike.

Take A Test Ride

Nothing is more important than taking a test ride. Because it can ensure whether you are comfortable or not with the bike you are going to choose. It also can identify the problem if the bike has. But before doing this, be sure that the size is perfect with the body height. Otherwise it can be a reason of being uncomfortable with the bike.