eMart Super Bright 5600 Bike Light Review

Everyone looks for something different, powerful, innovative, useful and amazing. Obviously I am not against them and I am looking for something different as the way you look for. As a bike rider I have a choice and the enthusiasm to discover something new, literally there are bike related many different things or gadgets or accessories and I always extremely try to find out them. So as a cycling enthusiast after researching I have found an exceptional and powerful bike light that I never saw. Although I have experienced with many other features it offer, but what I never experienced with other lights its powerful lumens.

The eMart Super Bright 5600 Lumens bike light offers an extensive power in the illuminations, honestly, I never saw any bike light offers such high number lumens.  The longer beam of the eMart Super Bright 5600 ensures approximately 200m lighting distance and such an extreme illumination with longer distance provides an extreme advantage for nighttime riding.


It Ensures An Extensive Illumination

Amazingly, it can provide more than illuminations, because a bike light with 1000 lumens can illuminate enough area what would be enough for a rider. But if you use its high mode with 5600 lumens, even the darkest path can a be suitable street for riding. As well, if you use the medium mode of the light, there wouldn’t have any darkness in the 100m area in front of your bike. So you can ride with an excellent convenience as you expect for nighttime riding. It uses 5 T-6 LED bulbs that ensure clear brightness. These bulbs can survive 100,000 hours that also great even for several years of use.

eMart Super Bright 5600

Perfect Battery Life

It’s a question how powerful the battery of eMart Super Bright 5600? Because operating 5600 lumens light never easy. But I think the battery of this light as much powerful as I thought, because it can actively run the light for 3 hours in high mode while it also can illuminate for 5+ hours in medium mode. I think the lifetime of the battery is enough powerful and expectedly provides the service. You can also run the light on the beam mode for visibility in the street where doesn’t need illumination.


It Is Versatile

Although I am a cycling enthusiast person, but I have also interest for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting and mountain biking. So the extra advantage I get from this light I can use it for other activities. Because it is powerful and easy to mount with helmet (also it has headband). On the other hand, this powerful light is compose with IP65 waterproof technology that protects the light from being damaged by rain.


Easy Ring Mount

The bicycle headlight comes with the different style mounting system, but the ring mount is easier than other mounting system. With the ring mount it is possible to adjust the headlamp in a minute with handlebar and this can adjust the light with handlebar strongly.


  • Powerful LEDs.
  • Extensive number of lumens.
  • The battery provides a good life time in real life.
  • It is versatile.
  • Strong aluminum body.
  • Three different modes.
  • IP65 waterproof technology.



  • The light becomes overheated In high mode.


Final Verdict

Although most of the times I keep the light in medium mode, but when I keep it in high mode I don’t see being this light overheated creates any problem. So I can comfortably use the eMart Super Bright 5600 and its versatility also provides huge advantages what I really enjoy.