Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike Review

The Giordano Libero 1.6 is an entry level road bike for men that comes with a stylish look. The bike will work for all of your cycling purpose while it also tackles some roughness. It can give the performance for commuting, racing or a day with long miles of riding time. The bike is equipped with everything what you will obviously find in a high quality commuter bike. It’s quite lighter and as a high speed commuter bike the lightness will add some benefits to speed up the bike with a comfortable pedaling motion. The stiffness of the bike will overcome your satisfaction level as this hand crafted road bike has been composed with very stiff 6061 aluminum. This addition on the bike instead of steel not only maximizes the superiority in construction, but also gives a smooth experience on the imperfection of rough road.

The conventional upright riding style with an attractive black and red scheme of the bike bring more pleasure on the ride. The padded saddle of the Giordano Libero 1.6 and stiff alloy wheels excellently smoothen and endure the impacts. Additionally, the 32 spokes on the rim stiffies the bike from an additional side while the quick release wheels also ensure an easy adjusting time without spending extra effort and time. The large, medium and small these three available sizes of the Libero 1.6 also give the opportunity to match this attractive bike with rider’s height.


Specification of The Giordano Libero 1.6

The Libero 1.6 recently took the position as one of the best road bike under 500 in our top five list. It can give you a longer ride with pleasure and if you like to ride it with racing style, then you can overcome miles of path with an amazing speed. The incredible optimization with Shimano gear components ensures an easy operate for the speed with greater gear range. Here are some highlighted points for all the strangeness of this bike.

Hand Crafted Frame with Stiff 6061 Aluminum

The bike firstly earned its popularity by its construction. This top notch bike isn’t made out from any inferior materials. It is ergonomically composed with a top notch material like 6061 aluminum that originally uses for off road or downhill bikes. So when it comes to be used on a road bike it becomes amazingly stiff and can go through any imperfection. That’s why, don’t worry to ride on the imperfection if it comes in the way of your ride. The high tensile steel fork also additionally works to smoothen the impact.


16 Speed With Shimano Drivetrain

As a high speed commuter bike the manufacturer not only intends to maximize the stiffness, but also kept their attention on the quality of speed. They optimized the gear system with Shimano components that have the ability for smooth, quick and long lasted service. The shifting system of the shimano on the bike is amazingly smooth and the Shimano derailleurs also give an absolute gearing system for changing the speed level.

Dual Water Bottle Mounting Options

You can fall in the lack of hydration when you go on long rides. So to keep every rider hydrated it offers two bottles mounting options. So you can simply carry out two bottles of water by dual mounting option for the water bottle.



  • Stiff and lighter 6061 aluminum stiffy the construction.
  • Stiff and lighter alloy rims.
  • Shimano shifter and derailleurs for the excellent gearing system.
  • Double water bottle mounting system.
  • 32 spokes for extra stiffness.


  • Professional assembly required.


Final Verdict

With these incredible compositions on the Giordano Libero 1.6 the bike offers a real value for every commuter enthusiast. The optimization with quality components maximize the control, speed and its lifetime while the design and variety of sizes help to match the bike with your choice. The assembly might be inappropriate for you and that’s why contact with an expert for a proper assembling. So overall with an excellent upright riding position and other beneficial options you can have the limitless miles of relaxed journey with utmost pleasure.