GMC Denali Road Bike Review

If you are looking for the quality, affordability and versatility together, then GMC Denali Road Bike would be a surprise for you. It’s been qualified as the best fellow for commuting, racing and exercising as its stylish design & excellent features are set to make your biking purpose perfect. The bike is very functional and you can find all effective components on the bike that you ever wished to have.

Although GMC well known as an automobile manufacturer, but they turned on cycling department and building up quality bikes as they do on GMC truck. Currently GMC Denali one of the best creation among all entry level road bikes and specified as a popular & inexpensive bike. It appears with all necessary options including different sizes and colors to make your choice faultless.


Specifications of GMC Denali Road Bike

So here comes the question what makes it different from an ordinary bike? Of course It has some impressive features that drag it to the popular road bike list. We have pointed out all of them to clarify the hesitation.

Strong Aluminum Frame Ensures The Strength Everywhere

You can’t avoid looking for a strong frame while choosing a bike. Because this is the thing where depends the longevity of your bike. So to make it long lasting and keep lightweight GMC Denali uses durable aluminum materials. These kind of frames have huge abilities to overcome any condition of the road.

Excellent Gearing System & Brakes Make The Bike Well Controlled

Having a proper gearing system ensures the journey reliable while you can change the speed as every time as you need. And to keep easy & controlled the riding effort it has been optimized with Shimano dreauliar & revo shifters that smoothly maintain the process every time you call.


When rim & disc brakes are a good breaking option, GMC Denali offers Cantilevers brakes that have a great advantage and were designed flawlessly for GMC Denali. It provides huge stopping power when you pull the levers.

Quality Rims & Tires For Better Riding Performance

To let you ride on a racing mood, it combines Vitesse racing rims & high performable 700c tires as if you don’t get the bike damaged after rolling & riding on a long road. Even the tires wouldn’t be punctured if you allow them on rough streets while the rims also provide a complete support to stay strong.

Different Sizes & Colors Make Better Choices

After ensuring the quality components you can’t immediately go for a choice until you fixed the perfect size and color. You can explore various sizes & colors following to your height & choice as it offers. The most available sizes are 700c-large/medium/small and X-small and randomly designed in a few colors including Red/Black/Green and Pink.


Top Features Of This 21-Speed Bike

  • Strong & Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Alloy Calipers Brake
  • Shimano Derailleur & Revo Shifter
  • 700c tires for street racing with Alloy vitesse rims.



  • Strongly composed for extra stability
  • Aluminum front fork properly absorbs the shocks
  • Versatile and can used for exercise, group biking, racing and long distance ride.
  • Lightweight components for smooth riding.
  • Precise control.
  • Compatible gearing & breaking system.


  • Sometimes the pedals touch the front wheel during the turn.
  • The tires aren’t as great as they should be, so would need to be replaced.


Overall Verdict

If we talk about the functionality of course, it’s perfectly functioned and has been equipped with all great components. It’s a great option for those who are thinking about to begin with a medium level budget. GMC Denali Road Bike will give you a proper solution for your daily exercise, commuting and long distance riding. Although you have to be careful about assembling the bike, better to contact with an expert. It’s not much difficult, but some people got troubled after assembling the bike.