Hasa R4 Road Bike Review

Almost with seven different frame sizes the Hasa R4 Road Bike has been a trend of many riders since last few years. The Hasa originally a Taiwanese company that has an excellent reputation for building up folding and few great road bikes. This R4 is the high performance one from Hasa that has been built out from aluminum with a group of stiff components. The bike will provide amazing performance as you expect for your very preferred road bike. The amazing lightweightness of the R4 would amaze you, it only weighs 9.8 kg that is completely incredible. This lightweightness can bring an easiness to control the bike throughout rugged roads whilst the front fork is made out of aluminum to smoothen and endure the inappropriateness of the road.

The attractive frame of the Hasa R4 is built out of lighter alloy aluminum frame that is hugely stiff. It’s also crafted with an aluminum front suspension fork that provides the ability to tackle any roughness. Even to maximize the quality, the Hasa features CNC machined double walled rims that stiffied the structure of the bike amazingly rigid. The aerodynamic style of the bike also provides more flawless ride and a great health advantage for your body. The geometry of the bike provides incredible comfortablity and you can enjoy a long mile of pleasure ride without any discomforts.


Specifications of The Hasa R4

The Hasa R4 road bike is composed with a group of components that come from top quality brands. The one of the strong side of the bike it almost doesn’t feature any inferior component. Its excellent gearing option, stiff frame and fork with aerodynamic handlebar provide an amazing pleasure for long miles of commuting.

HASA R4 Road Bike

Amazingly Lightweight

The only 9.8 kg weight of the bike ensures how lightweight the R4 is. The super light aluminum on the frame and fork bring an amazing lightweightness whilst it also extremely stiffies the bike. That’s why riding this bike is incredibly reliable whilst the control on any inconveniences of the road is quite simple. As well, these pros of the bike not only increases the controlling power, also absorbs the impact very smoothly.

Great Gear Range With Shimano ST-2400

The 24 speed Hasa R4 offers a large number of gears that lets you to shift & control the speed in your needed level. The Shimano derailleurs with crankset ensure an easier option for gearing with quality performance. The maintenance of this gearing system is very smooth and easier.

Reliable Riding Position

The aerodynamic style geometry of the bike with a drop bar handlebar ensures a relaxable biking journey without making anything hurt. This geometry of the bike will also help you to get extra advantages for your back and neck.

Quality Braking Power

The Tektro caliper brakes amazingly provide the braking power on any very needed moment. With Shimano brake levers it is very reliable to maintain the brake system.



  • Very lighter aluminum frame & fork withstand the roughness.
  • Great geometry for a comfortable riding position.
  • Shimano derailleurs, shifters chain and brake levers.
  • Tektro R315 alloy caliper brakes for a great braking power.
  • Double walled stiff CNC machined alloy rims.


  • Assembly isn’t easier. So professional assembly needs.
  • The padded saddle isn’t necessarily soft as the rider needs.


Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, almost all of the parts are quality and perfectly outfitted with the bike. A replacement for the saddle might take some extra bucks, but it will make your ride for commuting more comfortable. For the assembly it’s always better to assemble, fine and tune by the experts. It takes extra bucks, but that helps to make the bike necessarily stronger.