Kestrel Talon Carbon Fiber Road Bike Review

Kestrel Talon is the first innovative aero road bike design that has been introduced by Kestrel in 2007. They have been involved in creating various models of triathlon bikes and Kestrel Talon is the remarkable one out there. It’s versatile and perfect for those professional triathletes who don’t want to spend money on two separate bikes.

Its lightweight body, designs and sturdiness as a triathlon bike are the basic reason for gaining huge popularity. Every component has been crafted to the bike to conduct a faster & a smooth riding experience. The whole structure of the bike is aerodynamically designed as if it swiftly passes through the airflow with giving an extra mileage.

As well, when you are about to speed up in a racing mood, this 11-speed machine offers a good range of speed. This Shimano 105 carbon fiber bike is composed with Shimano front and rear derailleur and a quick, smooth shifter that let you to easily shift the gear as you need.

Overall you will have the full advantage of these unique combinations while it also provides a utmost breaking power that conducted by Tecktro R540 break set.


Reason Why You Should Choose Kestrel Talon 105 Road Bike

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105

There are some clear reasons why you should add it to your list. Kestrel Talon is the one that makes your dream true of being owner a triathlon bike without breaking the bank. No doubt about the quality of components what it used to be equipped. So let’s see the true value of every piece of them.

EMH Carbon Frame Makes It Lightweight and Stiff

To build up a lightweight and stiff bike they combined 800k and 700k carbon frame that make it stronger like a professional triathlon bike. Kestrel designed the bike in A2 wind tunnel and kept all the components aerodynamically contoured. That means when you start drilling on the road it adds extra value to boost up your speed. The key purpose of using Enhanced Modulus Hybrid (EMH) carbon to avoid the heaviness and make the bike lighter than steel and other aluminum frame based bikes. So whether you ride for training or racing, this Kestrel Talon always offers incredible performance.

Furthermore, to give a proper support on the frame it uses EMH carbon fork and fiber rear triangle. So if you are unexpectedly facing any rough terrain, there isn’t any chance to get the bike damaged.

Quality Shimano 105 Set Optimized

Before choosing any kind of road bike of course you have to consider the number of speeds that every bike features (Except single speed bikes). If the matter comes about to a triathlon bike, then this is the must have thing. So, the Kestrel Talon features Shimano 11-speed Derailleur that offers smooth shifting and extreme riding speed.

Multiple Sizes to Suit Your Height

This sleek designed kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 comes in multiple sizes as if you can choose the right one that suit to your body and height. The size that it offers are X-small, small, medium, large and X-large. So choose the perfect one that needs to your body height.

As well, If you are a little bit uncomfortable with the height of the seatpost, you can adjust it in a wide range of position and depending on your riding purpose you can also put the saddle on forward or backward.


Basic Features

— Well-built EMH carbon frame

— Lightweight and solid construction

— Shimano 11-speed derailleur and smooth shifter

— Tektro R540 Dual Pivot Brakes with immense breaking power.

— Kestrel EMS Pro Aero Seatpost with an ample range of positions



— As a triathlon bike the basic component is its frame that has been built with a solid mix of 700k & 800k carbon fiber and designed in the A2 wind tunnel that brings extreme swiftness in your ride.

— Very attractive design and lightweight body(around 20 pounds) while it’s also composed of Shimano 105 front and rear derailleur with 11-speed gear.

— Versatile and great for those triathletes who are enthusiasts to train on a road bike.



— You have to purchase the pedals separately.

— The beginners would feel something uncomfortable to ride it as you need to have some skills before going for it.


Overall Verdict

So if you are looking for such a bike that is multi-skilled but should be as skillful as a great road bike does, then Kestrel Talon 105 Carbon Fiber must be a good choice. The bike features all solid components and makes the dream true for every triathlete who wants to train on a road bike.