Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer Review

Literally the fluid bike trainer is still performing the best among all kinds of bike trainers. Actually the fluid bike trainer uses a turning blade in the container that creates an excellent progressive resistance without being faded. We have still found the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 as the best bike trainer that provides the pure support of your fitness recovery in indoor. Indeed, every cyclist should have a bike trainer, especially who cycles in outdoor to exercise, lose fat or any most needed recovery from bone injuries. Because all of the seasons are not compatible for outdoor biking and winter is the most incompatible amongst them. Even the continuous raining also would affect your outdoor cycling effort.

So would you intend yourself to stop cycling in these situations? It may be your choice. But if you use a trainer for indoor cycling you can bring the same feeling as you did for pedaling in outdoor. Because the trainer carries the ability to continue the same resistance as you enforce to push the pedal in outdoor. The resistance level of the trainer automatically increases with the progressive level of spinning of the wheels. Unfortunately, some cheapest trainers can’t provide the serious progressive resistance capability and they would be faded with increasing the spinning level of the wheels. But this Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer is completely different from them and it has the excellence and highest superiority to provide an outstanding and active progressive resistance.

Specifications of The Kinetic Road Machine 2.0

This  Kinetic 2.0 is one the best fluid trainer that has an active resistance ability, durable structure and amazing portability with foldable frames. So never feel hesitated to speed up the bike and shift the gears. I mean as you do with your bike in outdoor.

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0

Compatibility With All Kinds Of Bike

Actually, everyone has a different choice with the style of their bike while some people like on road ride and the rest of them may like off road. Although there are also cyclists who may like both kinds of ride. That’s why the style of your bike would be different and it would be a road bike, mountain or hybrid bike. But the great side is of this bike trainer it is designed to be fitted with all kinds of conventional bikes while its acceptation level for a wide range of frame size like 22 inch to 29 inch is another strong side of the trainer. So never feel confused about the level of compatibility of this Kinetic 2.0 trainer.

Active Resistance With Increasing The Speed of Wheels

The fluid trainers still work the best amongst the category of trainers and this fluid trainer is the greatest one that has the serious active resistance power. So don’t worry to speed up the bike after attached to this trainer, because the resistance level actively works with any greater or slower speed. On the other hand, it is leak proof, so neither there is a chance of leakage nor getting the dirty floor. Moreover, the strong legs and rubbered feet of the trainer also ensure greater stability over the surface.

Hassle Free Assembling

No more worries about the assembly of this trainer. Because it comes with fully assembled in the box and you don’t have to pay any extra attention for any tutorial. Just unfold the legs, use it and fold the legs again for a simple storage.


  • It always provides Aative resistance with any speed of the wheels.
  • Leak Proof feature.
  • Compatible with 22”-29” wheels and any mountain, road and hybrid bikes.
  • Not any additional assembly required.
  • Portable


  • Produces some noise.
  • Expensive Price.

Final Verdict

Although the fluid bike trainers usually take some additional costs as the other kind of trainers can’t provide the active resistance like a fluid trainer. So your hard earned money goes to bring a real value for such an equipment of indoor cycling. The noise level is also not as much loud as you think and there are rarely the trainers that can give a guarantee for zero level noise. On the other hand the resistance power is incredible that actively works with any speed. So overall it’s a perfect bike trainer that provides the excellent activities for indoor cycling.