Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock Review

The Kryptonite is still offering some great bike locks amongst the manufacturers of bike locks. They have some popular bike locks with different design and extraordinary quality. And amongst their inventions this Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock is the one that offers an incredible value. This integrated chain lock is extraordinarily stiff that prevents the leverage attacks. With this lock you can place your bike on any parking with saying goodbye the hesitation of being your bike theft. No matter how the way the thief tried it to break, it almost stands against some major attacks.

The cut resistant material on the lock can stand against the drill and hacksaw. So if the thief has any plan to aggressively break the security, it might not work. The hardened deadbolt on lock enhances the security level with the stiff chain links that is made out of cut resistant 3t manganese steel. Overall, these greater and quality features on the lock will save you from losing your thousand dollars bike. As well, the large integrated chain also provides a big easiness to use the lock on multiple way into the bike. The portability of the lock is also amazing and simple as you can easily rotate or wrap it onto the seatpost.


Specifications of The Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain Lock

Nothing becomes popular in the earth without some greatest sides and this Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain lock for bike has achieved the popularity by its great sides. The lock is composed not to be just a lock, rather to provide a high security for your favorite bike even on the risky areas. Here the basic strangeness of the lock that made it surely one of the best bike lock.     

Stiff Manganese Steel Chain

The cut resistant four sided chain links are extremely stiff that prevent the effort of cutting it by drill machine or hacksaw. The stiff chain is made of quality 3t manganese steel that most of the Kryptonite locks use to build up the chain. The two large size of the chain (32 inch and and X large) provides an easiness of use while the chain also can lock two more bikes together.

Hardened Deadbolt & Disc Style Cylinder

With the manganese steel chain links the hardened deadbolt is another addition to maximize the stiffness of the lock. Such a stiff deadbolt provides extra security to avoid the high effort leverage attacks. The cylinder with disc style also not only looking stylish, but it also drill resistant that can stand against the powerful attack.

Portable & Covered with Nylon Sleeve

You don’t need any mounting clip to carry out the lock as it can be wrapped onto the seatpost. On the other hand, the nylon sleeve on the chain prevents the scratches and protect the paint of your bike.  



  • 3t manganese steel chain provides the maximal security.
  • Hardened deadbolt adds additional protection.
  • Cut resistant disc style cylinder.
  • Nylon sleeve prevents the scratchiness.
  • Easily Portable.


  • It sometime creates jam or some problem to lock it out. We detected these problems by our research.



Out of this problem we haven’t found any major problem of the lock. But the level of stiffness of this Kryptonite Keeper Integrated Chain lock is amazing that can prevent many major leverage attacks. As well the portability is quite simple while the nylon sleeve provides a pure protection to protect the bicycle’s paint. The lock may have some heaviness, but the easy portability simplify that thing.