Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock Review

The bicycle lock is one of the compulsory equipment for every rider. You can never say that your bike is safe unless you properly protected it from being theft. Bike theft isn’t any unexpected matter as it continually happens from the parking lot, college campus or beside the streets. Simply we would need to place our bike anywhere as we ride it for multipurpose and because of this variation in riding we got to save our bike from being theft. The thief would try various tricks to thieve & unlock your bike by the drill machine, hacksaw blade or hammer or any serious method. That’s you must secure your bike when you are about to leave it somewhere and for the utmost security you must lock the bike with a rigid and high security based lock.

The Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard Bicycle U-Lock is the powerful one that offers high security & powerful locking system with unbreakable construction. It’s drill resistant and can prevent any leverage attacks. The Kryptonite Kryptolok almost provides higher anti-theft protection for their all locks of the series 2. And this Standard Bicycle U-lock isn’t against them as it also comes from series 2. It features a pure level protection system that is even dependable to secure your bike in risky areas. So let’s move for a deep analysis how the Kryptonite has been composed for a high protection security.


Below we shortly highlighted the specifications that ensure it’s a great lock with a pure anti theft protection and recently it also took the place in our top 10 best bike locks.

Incredibly Versatile

The versatility of the lock is amazing as you can lock your bike in the multiple way with a serious level protection. It has an additional 13 mm hardened steel shackle that is cut resistance and help to lock the bike in a high protective way like wheels to frame, wheels to pedal or frame to any pillar. Moreover, The rigid U with Bent Foot design also ensures the maximum rigidity and resists the bolt cutter. It can lock your bike through the wide position like rear wheel to seat tube or fork to wheel. The shackle is also coated with Vinyl plastic as if the paint on your bike doesn’t get scratched.

Disc Style Cylinder Resists The Drill

The drill is one of most common tool that the thief usually allows to break the lock. That’s why the Kryptonite designs the disc style cylinder that you can’t cut even by drill machine. They used high performance materials to build up such a design. Even you get failed to break it by the hammer. So imagine how extremely it works to protect your bike. I also followed the experience of my friend who tried it to break multiple way as the way the thief tries, be he couldn’t break it.

Easily Portable

Although it weighs almost 1.63 kg, but you don’t have to think about the portability as a mounting bracket is included with the package. So you can adjust the lock to the bracket that called Transit FlexFrame Bracket. This handy mounting bracket also allows 25 mm to 80 mm tube whether it can be round, oval or triangular. It easily fits with any style of the tube. Even it provides a 360 degree rotation system that increases the adjustability with any tube or frame.


–Offers higher anti theft protection with excellent cut resistant technology.

–Disc style cylinder resists the leverage attacks.

–Smooth finish onto the exterior resists the scratches.

–Incredibly affordable.

–Mounting bracket included to easily carry it out.


–We haven’t found any weakness.

Final Verdict

Finally, we can announce it’s a super bike lock with high protection design. Because of the extreme level of protection you can leave your bike with it even in risky places as it’s not easier to break as the thief thinks. The portability level of it also awesome as the additional mounting bracket makes the portability easier.