Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand Review

Everyone looks for something inexpensive with quality or value and this Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand is something like that what every cyclist wants. Honestly, it hasn’t gained the popularity only for inexpensiveness, but also for quality and active resistance. As a bicycle blogger, I can’t recommend another inexpensive or low price based bike trainer with quality than this Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand. This indoor bike trainer is a great contributor to keep up your fitness training effort  when the outside is out of the perfection. Actually, some people like cycling as their enthusiasm while the rest of them do it for exercise, losing weight or other health benefits.

So the people who cycling for health related benefits or losing weight, it’s impossible for them to take a long term break. Undoubtedly the winter is one of the incompatible season for cyclists and it would excessively affect your cycling journey. But if you have a bike trainer you can continue the training effort for your fitness recovering goal. Unfortunately, if the trainer doesn’t provide an active & progressive resistance with high or any speed level, then it wouldn’t work for your training effort. So at first must ensure the trainer has an active resistance ability even on any speed of the wheels. And the good news is this bike trainer is such kind of them that has that excellent ability.



As an affordable bike trainer this Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand offers a serious value for indoor cycling. With five different levels of resistance you can also get some other great advantages for a complete and hassle free indoor cycling.

Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Five Different Level Resistance Settings

This feature provides the advantage to have the resistance in your needed level during your cycling by the trainer. A remote lever to the handlebar easily provides the opportunity to shift the resistance level without any additional struggle. This magnetic bike trainer is also capable to create the same active resistance like other efficient trainer. Moreover, the precise settings program of the resistance is very convenient to spin the wheels.


Very Low Noise

Most of the people are concerned about the noise level for any bike trainer. Because it would affect the enthusiasm of your indoor training effort while it also would disturb the people around your rooms. As well, some people also like to watch tv or hear the songs during their training session. So to keep you away from these disadvantages, this trainer is designed to produce lower noises with magnetic resistance.


Portability & Durability

If you are having in a problem for storage the trainer, then this bike trainer is about to release that complication. You can easily fold and unfold it in your needs while the storage is very simple by a quick unfolding. The frames of the trainer are made out of steel that is very stiff. A mounting cup is also included to raise the front wheel that provide more comfort to spin the bike.




  • Progressive magnetic resistance.
  • Multiple resistance settings for your needed level use.
  • A remote lever to easily operate the functions.
  • Foldability for easy storage.
  • Compatible for road bikes and mountain bikes.



  • The knob is a little bit short.
  • The rubber cups would be great than plastic cups.


Final Verdict

Without these few weakness this Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand from Magnet Steel Bike has the superior options for your training of exercise in indoor. Literally, it’s difficult to seek another affordable bike trainer like this. So if you are limited by budget, then this is the best indoor cycling stuff for you.