Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle Review

The Schwinn Phocus is ergonomically built with a drop bar handlebar that made this model as a highly relaxed road bike with all opportunities for on road riding. I would recommend this 1400 700c men’s focus from Schwinn for the people who like to workout in outdoor than indoor. With a comfortable drop bar this bike is created and designed to become an excellent machine for doing workouts with having a fun ride. Of course with accomplishing your daily workout you can also have a long distance pleasure ride or having a day with touring the streets of your city. The geometry that they brought into the structure of the bike that maximizes the strangeness of the rider’s back and neck without getting anything stressed.

The bike isn’t impressive only for the design and geometry, but also for the top notch construction and components. The Schwinn struggled to design the bike like a professional road bike whilst the performance of it would be almost like a professional bike. Because the superior optimization for speed with Shimano, 700c alloy wheels and their own designed Schwinn aluminum frame are a real example to prove its quality. These additions to the Schwinn Men’s Phocus might not make it an extraordinary bike, but undoubtedly that made it a true bike to keep the excitement of your biking journey for a limitless time. This is undoubtedly one of the best road bikes under $500.


Specifications Of The Schwinn Men’s Phocus

The Schwinn not only earned their reputation by their recent inventions, they also have been great since 1985 for their outstanding inventions of different style bikes. And of course, this bike is also a true example for the utmost performance and value whilst it mostly loved by beginners. So let’s check out the true advantages and the level of its value.

Workout and Commute Together

If you are bored in indoor workout with treadmill, then wear the helmet and other necessary accessories to get the same advantage & shape by cycling.  And If you are an enthusiast commuter, then you can also enjoy the both opportunities in the same way. The drop bar handlebar with this lightweight aluminum bike ensures a breezy movement of your legs. The aerodynamic geometry of the bike adds a relaxable move and more stress free ride. The 700c road specific wheels of the bike also an advantage to maximize its reliability.

Stiff Materials for Construction

To ensure it as a stiff bike the Schwinn crafted it with a specific aluminum road bike frame that is made by Schwinn with excellent geometry. The fork is rigid that absorbs the roughness with alloy rims whilst the lighter aluminum frame also provides an extensive support. And the three piece crank set on the bike also provides a handy support for a wide gear range.


Quality Components for Gearing

The Schwinn also prepared a smooth gearing option for you whilst it also works flawlessly. With Shimano A050 shifters this 14 speed Schwinn Men’s Phocus included a Shimano rear derailleur that amazingly changes the speed by your request. The SR Suntour crank also adds some advantages by featuring a great range of gear.

Stiff Alloy Rims and Powerful Braking

In addition to making it as a complete high speed road bike the lighter and stiff alloy rims incredibly work to maximize the speed. These stiff rims withstand the roughness and smoothen the impact efficiently. The paired spokes on the rims also a powerful addition for an extra stiffness. As well, to stop you anytime by your request the caliper brakes efficiently work to provide a super braking power.




  • Superior aluminum frame with aerodynamic geometry.
  • Smooth gearing system with Shimano components.
  • Stiff alloy rims with paired spokes.
  • Enough braking power with any speed.


  • Better to replace the tires for greater performance.
  • Wouldn’t be easy for you to assemble the bike.



As a quality creation by Schwinn for beginners the Men’s Phocus 1400 bike is a great example as a bike for workout. The another great role is you can commute on all the neighborhood streets with doing your workout at the same time. Although it’s a bike for high performance riding, but you can also maximize the efficiency of it by changing the tires. The assembling would be slightly hassled for you and that’s why you should assemble the bike by a professional, but it would make the bike more stronger and high performable.