Schwinn Prelude Men’s Bicycle Review

The Schwinn Prelude for men is an attractive commuter bike in BBwhite with drop handlebars. With commuting on the neighbourhood streets, you can also turn it as an exercise bike without paying the extra bucks. The stylish prelude from Schwinn has been great for many positive characteristics. The bike is not only attractive for the exterior design, but also great for the performance. You will enjoy a comfortable riding session whether it would be a ride for pleasure or fitness training. And the components the Schwinn used to craft the bike they are really stiff, top quality and like a surprise for the price it offers.

The aluminum is one of the lighter material out there with extraordinary stiffness. And that’s why this road bike has been composed with such a kind of aluminum frame that reduces the weight and increases the stiffness. Even such an addition to the construction also simplifies the control and ensures you are better efficient on commuting with the Schwin Men’s Prelude than other affordable bikes. The large 700c alloy wheels not only excellent for control, but also beat the roughness of pavement very smoothly.

Specifications of The Schwinn Men’s Prelude

The main specification should be the price that its manufacturer offers. Because of the affordability you can be owned such a bike at the beginning of your commuting enthusiasm with avoiding the expensiveness. Of course the Schwinn Prelude also would be great for replacement your running use. But if you are at the very beginning and looking for a beginner bike, then I personally recommend this bike. So let’s figure out what it features in the construction.

Schwinn Men's Prelude-white

Top Notch Aluminum Frame

A commuter for beginners with a top notch frame like aluminum really incredible. Every cyclist knows the level of lightweightness and stiffness of an aluminum frame. Since it actually becomes a basic material for this incredible combination to construct the bicycle. If you think about the steel, it may have the stiffness. But because of the heaviness it can’t construct the lightweight bike. On the other hand, the aluminum is possessed of these superiorities and that’s why it is the one of the popular material out there for top notch bikes.

Alloy Wheels and Schwinn Road Fork

Sometimes only the stiffness is not enough to judge the quality of a bike. If the bike can’t smooth the bumps on rough pavement, you would have in trouble. That’s why the Schwinn has especially designed fork that endures and absorbs the impacts perfectly and avoids the troubleness. The alloy wheels also add some contributions on this performance and the amazing stiffness level of the alloy wheels also overcome the roughness like a boss. A padded saddle from Schwinn also has been added to this combination for a reliable commuting.

Dual Pivot Brakes and Shimano Drivetrain and Shifters

Everyone wants a reliable braking power on their bicycles. Because without a great braking system your journey would be uncomfortable or risky. And as the reason the bike is outfitted with Dual Pivot Brakes that are extremely powerful and highly reliable. On the other hand the Shimano drivetrain and shifters are excellent to manage the gear system and shift the speed.



  • Superior Construction with aluminum material.
  • Especially designed fork from Schwinn for smoothing the roughness.
  • Alloy wheels and powerful dual pivot brakes.
  • Comfortable padded saddle.
  • Shimano A050 drivetrain and shifters.


  • The tires aren’t great for rougher surface.



The Schwinn Prelude for men really comes with the quality that overcomes the expectation for the price range it comes with. The attractive looks, design and the quality components really made a trendy bike for all beginners who look for a compatible bike for them. With all superiority the gear system is incredible that comes from Shimano to easify the control.