Schwinn Volare 1300 700c Men’s Road Bike-The Best Beginner Bike

The people who grown up with bicycling passion they may know how popular the Schwinn was in the days of their childhood. In truth it as much as popular as it always was and the Schwinn also come up with more upgraded quality & styles in their adult size bikes. The Schwinn Volare Men’s Road Bike is the outstanding one among their top creations that is composed with their own manufacturing materials especially in the frame & fork. It has been established as a versatile bike that has the ability to accomplish multipurpose rides.  So the people who have been involved in the workout by commuting or have a passion for exploring the city, then they can choose it out for their daily needs. Moreover, the Schwinn also recommends it as an athlete training bike while the casual riding opportunity is a plus.

The Schwinn Men’s Volare also has an external ability to absorb the imperfections of the surface. So you can confidently ride it throughout the uneven streets without feeling much discomfort. The attractive design, raised seatpost, comfort saddle and handlebar also provide a tailored fit and comfortability like an aerodynamic bike. Overall, the way this bike is equipped, it should be an authentic road bike for the beginners. The price, design & components, all are perfect and absolutely great for those seekers who want a serious road bike on a limited budget.

Specifications Of The Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300

As the bike with versatile performance Schwinn added the components from reputed bike accessory makers like Shimano, Promax, and their own made frame, fork and crank. The alloy components to the bike are another great addition that stiffy the construction and lightify the bike. The crank, rims, hubs, brakes and seatpost all are made of alloy. So these excellent stuffs on the bike made it an exceptional beginner road bike that comes at an affordable cost.


Shimano Shifters & Derailleurs

Every bicycle user knows how reputed the Shimano is for making top grade bike components. Their quality products with easy to operate system always provide longer performance. As the reason, Schwinn Volare 1300 is composed with their smooth shifters and derailleurs with 14 speed. So you can control the gearing with ease while the rear crankset and Shimano crank add more reliability.

Stiff Schwinn Aluminum Frame and Fork

Every manufacturer at first pays their attention to the quality of frame and fork. Because these portions of the bike subsequently will ensure how stiff the construction is. That’s why the Schwinn Volare 1300 uses their own manufactured aluminum frame and fork that are stiff, lighter and simplify the handling on any condition of the surface. Moreover, this extreme craftsmanship on the bike also longevities the performance.

Alloy Rims With Caliper Brakes

When the wheels are spinning it faces many imperfections of the road. As the reason the wheels become one of the most important side of the bike and of course it should be stiff. So the Schwinn featured alloy high performance rims that are stiff and lighter and tackle the surfaces smoothly.

To stop the bike quickly with your request, it has strong caliper alloy brakes that ensure the stopping like a breeze. It’s completely effortless to operate by the Promax levers, but it provides huge braking power than your expectation.



-Lighter and stiff craftsmanship with top grade materials.

-Attractive and stylish.

-Caliper brakes for quick stopping efficiency.

-Optimized with quality components.

-Can be assembled by yourself without any bigger experience.


-The tubed tire can be punctured in the rougher surface.

Final lines

The effectiveness of Schwinn Volare 1300 700c road bike is massive and undoubtedly it’s a great design & compose for beginners. You can reliably ride it for many purposes as we highlighted while the features of quality components really provide a great value. The pricing level for the bike is also quite inexpensive that approximately comes for the limited budget.