Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike Review

This is an extremely popular single speed bike for the urban riders. It’s also called as a fixed gear road bike that means it has not any gear or derailleur. The Takara mainly designed this bike for the commuter or who usually does urban ride. It’s very affordable and great for those who just want a bike for city ride. It just used a flip flop hub that turns it into an efficient fixed gear bike. Takara took the opinion of city riders and according to the city rider’s openion Takara claimed the riders who love urban ride they don’t need any derailleur. And that’s why the Takara outfitted this bike with a flip flop hub and made it a pure fixed gear bike. So during the commuting you don’t need any shifting or gearing.

This hand crafted Takara Sugiyama is created out from stiff tig welded steel that is high performance and can beat the abuse of  streets. On the other side, the larger and slim wheels enhance your comfortability that also wrapped by Kenda slim road bike tires. Mostly the 700c alloy wheels are used to be equipped with the entry level and professional road bikes in some cases. Because these high performance wheels are made out of quality alloy that stiffies the rims and longevities the activity. Moreover, the flat handlebar is amazingly comfortable with padded seat.



Specifications Of The Takara Sugiyama

After researching the experience of prior user no doubt it’s a great bike for city riding when the price is also incredible. The attractive design with multiple colors and sizes is another additional option for the bike. So you can easily come in your choice. So let’s analyze the basic advantages and specifications of Sugiyama Flat Bar Single Speed Bike.

Great For City Riders

Whatever the Takara has been done only to build up an ideal city riding bike, especially for them who are seeking a commuter bike in a low budget. Even they didn’t include the derailleur as some riders feel comfortable with the single speed bike and they also took their opinions before making it. So thinking about the city riders compatibility they built up this Sugiyama single speed bike.

Can Easily Beat The Roughness

The Takara Sugiyama is composed with tig welded steel that longevities the bike’s life time and can withstand the roughness of road without making you uncomfortable. Additionally, the 700c alloy wheels are very perfect for comfortable city ride while they are easier to control and can withstand any roughness.  Like a hybrid bike it also featured padded seat with a flat bar handlebar that is a handy addition to this bike.

Alloy Pull Brakes on Both Wheels

Everyone wants a bike with an optimal braking power and of course this city bike has come with the right braking system. It uses Alloy pull brakes that mean the bike is stoppable anytime you want. This brake system with calipers extremely work great for the model and the design of these wheels.



  • Steel frame and fork that made out tig welded steel.
  • Cushy padded seat and flat handlebar maximize the easement.
  • 700c alloy rims and stiff Kenda tires provide a great advantage for city ride.
  • Alloy pull brakes provide an immense power during the brake.
  • A perfect city bike for the low budget people.


  • Hasn’t any noticeable weakness.


Final Verdict

After a serious analysis now we can say how perfect the Takara Sugiyama as a commuter or city ride bike. Especially if you are a beginner and want a high profile bike on a low budget, then it should be a remarkable choice for you. One thing again, it’s a fixed gear bike, so if you are a reliable with fixed gear, then it’s perfect for you. But if you like a beginner bike with a gear system, then you may check here for the cheap beginner bikes with gear system.