Things You Should Know To Ride A Bike In The City

There are a plenty of people who like bike commuting or riding their bike in the familiar and unfamiliar streets of the city. Unfortunately, most of the streets of the city aren’t bike friendly, because the city’s streets mean huge traffic, crowds and speedy vehicles. On the other hand, most of the people in the city get to move somewhere and the business of a city doesn’t want to care so much for this two wheeled vehicle. So does that mean, should we stop commuting? Of course not, it is not as difficult as we think, we can win everything by our confidence, tricks and following the rules. Riding a bike in an urban area is such a thing that we every cycling lover loves from our heart, so the tips in below would help you a lot.


1)Don’t Be Afraid

When a group of people fearlessly enjoys their ride on the city’s street, then there are some people who feel uncomfortable for the crowd and vehicle. In truth you have to just take and use your space properly with a careful mind for the vehicles that come behind you or go around your bike. It’s just a simple manner you have to care on the road and if you have the same confidence, then even the unfamiliar streets wouldn’t make any difference.


2)Apply The Distance When You Pass Other Cyclists

Don’t lose your mind only in the speed, but make sure you are in the safe distance when you pass other cyclists. On the same way you should apply the same trick when you overcome other vehicles and to keep you safe from other vehicles, your distance shouldn’t be more than 6 feet from the left edge of the rod. But if you ride on the blank road, then the thing would be different.


3)Keep You Safe From Get Doored By The Cars

When you are riding comfortably on a road, A car inclined person or the passenger of taxies anytime can open the door without noticing you. As the result, you would fall in an accident and get a big injury. In the last few years I have heard there are many riders who have fallen into this kind of accident.  So to avoid this kind of situation, you have to be careful when you ride on the side of stopping cars that probably can be parked on the road side.

cycling in the street


4)Follow The Traffic Rules

No matter what kind of vehicles you use, traffic rules are such a kind of important things, that you can’t ever ignore on the road. So you have to follow the traffic signals to ride 100% safely and at the same time you should know the bike laws. If you don’t know bike laws for the specific city you live in, then you should discuss with other professional cyclists.


5)Ensure Your Visibility

When you are riding you must ensure your visibility by ringing the bells, it easily alerts the pedestrians and other vehicles. Moreover, if you ride at night, must use the bike headlight and taillight. The headlight and taillight will help you to see and be seen to the vehicles that come from the front and your behind. Literally the tail light can ensure your visibility from miles away.


6)Use Safety Stuffs

It is impossible to ride a bike on the city’s streets without wearing the safety stuffs. So must wear the helmet, sunglass, shoes and knee pads. These stuffs can keep you safe from any major injuries. And if you go for a long distance ride, must carry a water bottle to keep you hydrated.


7)Use Bike Lanes

Choosing the lanes where can have a lack of traffic or the unavailability of vehicles would be the most suitable paths for cyclists. Many of the cities have these specific lanes for cyclists, but unfortunately not in all cities. So if you get the chances to ride on those lanes instead of busy streets, then use it to be safe.


8)Get The Right Bike

When your purpose for commuting in the city, then it is better to have a perfect road bike or commuter bike. You may use the bike with gears or not in some cases, especially when you use a single speed bike. But if you like the long distance ride, then better to use the gear optimized road bikes.

bike locking

9)Lock Your Bike Properly

When you keep your bike on the street’s side, you can’t keep it unlocked. If you keep your bike insecurely, there is almost 100% possibility to be theft your bike. So lock your properly when you place it anywhere and of course you shouldn’t use a normal lock. Because the thieves can easily break it. So you must lock your bike with a sturdy bike lock.