Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Review

Indeed, this is one of the affordable aluminum road bike that has extraordinary construction with lightweight materials. It looks amazingly sleek and the components that the manufacturer crafted to this bike are high performable. It’s gained impressive response from the consumers for its different quality and reasonable price. In truth, it’s difficult to seek out the similar one that performs similarly like Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano. If you look for the most compatible bike for beginners with outstanding features, then it likely offers more than you wanted. So read the reasons why you should add it to the wish list.


Specifications of the Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano

It might not be designed for off road biking, but it’s an obvious choice for commuting, touring, exercising and racing. Its high performance design & durable components will allow you to commute the bike with an optimal speed and control. So let’s see the major specifications that lifts up the bike on an utmost level of the road bike.



Lightweight Construction

The frame of the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike is made out of 6061 Double Butted Aluminum materials regarded to keep the frame lightweight. On the other hand, these materials are amazingly durable than heavy steel material. That’s why it’s unlike other cheaper models and quite easy to handle. Moreover, the riders never wish to have a heavy bike that absorbs extra energy while you pedalling, but provides less speed than a conventional road bike.

So choosing the bike with lightweight fitness is an obvious requirement what Vilano Aluminum meets.

Shimano Components

Indeed, most of the quality & professional road bikes use Shimano components and fortunately it’s not against them.This 21 speed Vilano road bike is composed with Shimano A050 shifters and derailleur that really smooth to operate with quick & an easy shifting opportunity.

So you can have a precise & controlled domination over the speed while the 21 speed gear also allows you to enjoy a great range of speed.

Comfort Handlebar

To think about the comfortability of commuting they designed the bike with urban handlebar & comfort rider’s seat to create a great riding position for every road biker. So that you can enjoy the ride on a fully relaxed mood. Additionally, on the adjustment of handlebar it uses Shimano SIS stem that’s a great mechanism for a flawless mounting.

As the result when you will assemble the bike, you don’t have to face any additional difficulties for a quick and complete assembling.

Threadless Fork

On the front it uses 700c 1 1/8-Inch Threadless fork that is durable and absorb the impacts efficiently. The Threadless forks offer greater advantages than the thread forks as it’s easy to adjust and can be effortlessly removed without unwrapping.

Alloy Caliper Brakes

The bike is optimized with alloy pull linear brakes for the satisfied braking power. These brakes are working very well with the 700c wheelset. Although disc brakes are literally powerful, but with this Vilano Aluminum 21 speed you will never go for off road riding.

So, this alloy caliper rim brake system is enough to stop you anytime while you touring on the city’s streets.

Multiple Color & Size

The manufacturer also offers the different colors & sizes for this model and because of this availability you can easily choose out the right size and your Choiceful color.


Main Features

  • Butted aluminum Frame for the lightweight structure.
  • Shimano A050 shifter and SIS stem.
  • CNC machined alloy wheelset with 700c tires.
  • Threadless headset for the optimum adjustability.


  • Stylish Design
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Lightweight & Durable Construction
  • Comfort Handlebar
  • It features a pair of free pedals
  • Pedals Would Need To Be Replaced
  • Tires Aren’t High Quality

Overall Verdict

After analyzing all of the impressive features of this stylish Vilano Aluminum Road Bike we can come at the exact point and say that it’s absolutely great for a beginner road biker. Unfortunately, it has few drawbacks and you would need to replace the pedals and tires approximately after one or two months of use. But if you judge the overall quality, then it’s a best & an obvious choice for the price range it offers. The beginners can easily cope with the style and settings of it.