Vilano Forza 3.0 Review – The High Performance Road Bike For Entry Level Riders

There are some great number of inventions from Vilano. Since they have been familiar to the riders for their excellent inventions of the top class road bikes. And among those classic and popular road bikes the Vilano Forza 3.0 is one that is equipped with surprising components. Because of the professional level design in a conventional road bike it achieved an  impressive response from the all levels of riders. People like it for many reasons like..

  • The speed of it at your expectation level
  • Top class craftsmanship
  • Creatively designed upright riding position that keeps the back and neck purely stress free.

So, if you ever make a decision to ride it out for the long miles, then end of the day you will be back to the home with a pure enjoyment.

Yet it’s a question what type of rides it can do. You can do any type of ride what you used to do with other conventional road bikes. But because of the upgradation it provides A+ grade performancethan other conventional bikes. So don’t feel confused about the performance of it for commuting, exercise and long miles ride. Its incredible reliability in design ensures the huge superiority in performance. On the other hand the components that it used will overcome your expectations. Moreover, the guaranteed level craftsmanship of it also smoothens the effort of pedaling. From my thought this is one of the best road bikes for commuting and ling distance riding.

Vilano Forza 3.0-Img-2

Basic Features Of The Vilano Forza 3.0

Undoubtedly the features that Vilano Forza 3.0 offer should be enough to impress the seekers of it. Because it’s really incredible for the things that Forza 3.0 offered at an affordable cost. So I must go inside to clearly highlight the basic strangeness of it.

Strong 6061 Aluminum Frame

You never want to deal with a frame that increases the heaviness, but can’t stiffy the construction. That kind of frame won’t give you anything better, except the troubleness and inferior performance. That’s why this Forza 3.0 moulded the strong and upgraded 6061 aluminum material that’s not only lighter, also as strong as you expect. As the reason you will be pushing the pedal with an ultimate smoothness. Even to reduce the weight it also uses aluminum rims that is another positiveness for the bike.

High Performance Carbon Fiber Fork

Today or tomorrow while you ride for long miles you might face many uneven surfaces. But if the forks of your bike don’t tackle it properly, then you won’t feel comfortable on that condition. Unfortunately, all types of forks can’t do this job properly as the carbon and titanium forks do. That’s why the Forza 3.0 features a fork on the front that is made out of carbon. Its absorption level during the impaction is very reliable that the ordinary forks can’t do.

Shimano Integrated Components

You can’t avoid looking over the quality of whole gearing and speed management system for any bike. As the reason the Vilano Forza 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike is outfitted with Shimano Sora Derailleurs and integrated Shimano Shifters. That is just amazing in a word, its smooth control and reliable power really provide the surprising performance. Moreover, this 24 speed Forza 3.0 also offered a great range of gears for more expected speed and additional control.



  • Lighter and strength construction with a compact look.
  • Rigid carbon fork adds extra stability to absorb bigger or smaller impacts.
  • Shimano Sora Derailleurs and integrated Shifters.
  • 24 speed gears provide incredible speed and precise control.
  • Additional pedals for a quick replacing the old ones.


Honestly, we haven’t found any noticeable weakness. But a professional level assembly may require.


Final Verdict

Not only we recommend, even the manufacturer strongly recommends it as a great choice for the exercise, club riding and commuting. And with keeping these purposes in their mind they brought a great structure in the design that proves how reliable it is. The upright riding style with a tailored fit makes it certainly a reliable machine for riders. As well, The Radius caliper brakes on the bike immensely reduce the speed when you pull those levers. Overall, the Vilano Forza 3.0 is a solid creation that you will love to ride out for many purposes.