Vilano Shadow Road Bike – A Great Choice For Entry Level Riders

The Vilano Shadow has been invented as a powerful machine for entry level riders. The design is outfitted with an extraordinary sleekness and composition of quality materials. Most of the consumers choose it for their daily needs of commuting while some of them also love it for doing exercise. Of course the needs of Vilano Shadow can’t be ended here, because it offers versatile performance. As the reason you can ride it for a long distance cycling purpose individually or a group of cyclists. Additionally the racing enthusiasm people also take an advantage for any casual racing purpose.

It has an extreme combination with all top level components as if the performance stays steady on any condition. The durable connections among the components ensure the maximum performance anytime or anywhere you pedaling. This extreme composition means the steadiness of the bike will be longer and you will always get an extreme machine around yourself. So let’s move for an analyze why it’s an authentic choice.

Major Specifications of Vilano Shadow

The most specific things are the components and construction that lifted it up to the top quality entry level bikes. The Shimano integrated design and the authentic style of a road bike also smoothen the ride and keep the bike controlled for newbies. Here we have highlighted about some incredible specifications of Vilano Shadow

Vilano Shadow Road Bike-white

Aluminum Aero Frame

When the thing comes to analyzing the specification of a bike, undoubtedly the most needed subject is the bike frame that determines longevity. In recent era, most bike frames are built out of steel, aluminum and carbon material. Mostly the steel frames tend to be featured on cheap quality bikes while aluminum frames are used for mid or top quality bikes and the rest one is used to build up the professional road bikes. So as been a top quality entry level machine, it comes with the Aluminum Aero Frame that’s determined how great the frame is.

Shimano Integrated feature

To maximize the comfortability of commuting you can’t skip the level of controlling of a bike as the control and speed both are the complement of each other. That’s why the Shadow is greatly wrapped with Shimano Derailleurs and amazingly smooth Shimano shifters. That means you will get a satisfiable control to optimize the speed. The brake levers are also come from Shimano the is positive.



Double Walled Wheelset

When the wheels keep rolling on the surface it gets numerous bigger or smaller impacts that the rims quickly absorb. As the reason the rims must be steady over the surface, because getting paralyzed the rims during your ride might not be a good experience. So the Vilano features double walled alloy rims that meets your expectations and can tackle billions of impacts.


Specific Features

The features prove how flawlessly the bike has been composed. It offers the things what the other top entry level bikes do. Because of these great components and their absolute performance it achieved huge response from lots of riders. So see the top things what made it great.

  • Durably constructed frame with top level material like 6061 aluminum
  • The rims are double walled and can provide greater performance.
  • Shimano integrated brake levers and front and rear Derailleurs.
  • Comes with an additional pair of pedals.
  • Road bike compatible Alloy caliper brakes.
  • Threadless fork for easy adjustability.



⇒ Affordable price with available sizes and colors.

⇒ Comparably lightweight.

⇒ Easy and quick assembling feature.

⇒Perfect integration with Shimano components.


⇒We haven’t found any noticeable weakness except the quality of tires.


Final Lines

From all of the points of analyzing we may have come to stand on the announcement. Based on the quality and construction it’s definitely an authentic creation among the great conventional road bikes. Such a model really provides the utmost value with long lasted and steady performance. So if you are thinking to choose such a popular Vilano Shadow road bike, then it must keep the worth of your investment.